Is there any vampire that is willing to turn a human into a vampire?

Print/PDF FriendlyWell, I’m sure there are probably a few who would be willing if they were able to turn someone, but one must be born a vampire and will generally awaken sometime in his or her teens; sometimes earlier, and sometimes later (and I have little doubt, sometimes never).  Being unawakened is called being a “latent vampire”.  Most vampires, however, would not turn or awaken someone if they could because being a vampire is nothing … Continue reading

Do vampires have blond bonds, if so what is a blood bond I've heard of it but I still don't know what it means and also would a vampire turn a person they really really love?

Print/PDF FriendlyI'm not quite sure what is meant by Blood Bond. There's a certain intimacy involved in drinking a persons blood, even being completely clinical, the taking and consumption of another being's blood can cause a “bond” with the donor. But not in any Dracula way (I've not seen True Blood or Twilight, so if it's a reference, I'm not likely to get it), more like a friendship, or caring. A bond of… gratitude, is … Continue reading

How is a vampire “awakened”?

Print/PDF FriendlyTo be quite honest, no one really knows exactly how a vampire is awakened, and the process is different for everyone. Usually it is triggered by hormonal changes in the body such as puberty, though it can come at any time in your life as well. Other times it may be triggered by an event such as tasting blood for the first time, or by being around another vampire. In short, the experience is … Continue reading

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