When did you realize that you were a real vampire?

Print/PDF FriendlyIn my teens. I've always had an interest in and affinity for vampires, but in my mid-teens, I had extensive dental work done. This involved pulling 4 teeth out during the same appointment. I bled quite a lot and swallowed quite a lot and it made me feel great. I'd tasted blood before that and liked it, but this was something else.

Where are you from (country, town)? Do you speak only English?

Print/PDF FriendlyI am in Green Valley, near Tucson, Arizona, in the USA, though I am from Kansas City, Missouri.  I only speak English, unfortunately, but there are online translation tools you can use to translate most if not all of the site into your language. One that I know of is Google Translate.  Another one is Yahoo's Babel Fish. I'm working on getting some volunteers to translate parts of my website into other languages.  It's … Continue reading

Are you this pretentious in person?

Print/PDF FriendlyMe? Pretentious? I'm not pretentious, at least not as far as I know. I try not to be. I'm really just this big goofball that everyone looks at with a kind of awe because of my page and expects me to shoot lightning bolts out of my arse. But I don't. (It would be cool if I could — then I could get a job as a carnival side show freak and be the … Continue reading

Why don't you want to email me back?

Print/PDF FriendlyIt's not that I don't want to, or won't, it's that I cannot afford to, time-wise. I am truly sorry, but I have so very much to do. I have next to no time left over to spend on emails, and I get a lot of them. Maybe someday, I can afford to hire a secretary or someone to help on the page… If you are wanting to talk to someone, then please feel … Continue reading

Are you affiliated with any other organization?

Print/PDF FriendlyI own, operate, and maintain the following: Sanguinarius.org for Real Vampires / Sanguinarius: The Vampire Support Page, The Vampiric Community Message & Support Board, The Vam-Personals, #Sanguinarius, and the Vampire-Discussion eList at Yahoo Groups. Currently, I am a member of the VVC, or Voices of the Vampire Community. A number of years ago, I was a member of COVICA, or the Council of Vampyric International Community Affairs, though I resigned; also I think I … Continue reading

Are you really a vampire?

Print/PDF FriendlyYes. But now you have to ask “What is a vampire?” (see “Define what you mean by a 'vampire'; / What makes a 'vampire'? etc…”). I do not claim to be supernatural, superhuman, or undead, immortal or powerful; I'm not. I'm not extraordinary. I'm just a person who happens to have a need, strong craving, or however you want to say it, for blood, as well as some other vampiric characteristics. Such things as … Continue reading

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