Do vampires also have the same problems as others?

Print/PDF FriendlyWhat kind of problems you mean? I work a minimum wage job, so money problems I have Asthma, so running is a no I get horrid cramps and PMS uhm, I go to Uni and have to worry about Grades There are a few others, sensitive to sun, but so are gingers. Bright lights (sun, florescent lighting) bother me, but a lot of people with lighter pigment eyes are bothered by bright lights, I'm … Continue reading

is there a way to know that these articles come from hand vampires

Print/PDF FriendlyI don't know what you mean by “hand vampires”?  And I can't figure out what else you might be asking.  I sense that you are trying to ask a legitimate question here, so I don't want to just delete it.  Please could you rephrase your question? If you see this question and have any idea what the girl who submitted it was talking about, please add a comment to this FAQ and let me … Continue reading

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