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This site is not intended to encourage the practice of vampirism. It is here, however, to provide aid, information and support for those who are vampires, meaning those who practice vampirism and those who feel the ongoing need to consume blood or life-energy. It is not my aim to “diagnose” people as, or to convince them that they are, vampires. For one thing, I have to rely on the subjective information that they supply me over the web. For another, there is no definitive set of criteria which determines if one is a vampire or not (and this is mainly due to a great variety of people desperately wanting to claim the term “vampire” for themselves). Also, it should be noted that the condition of vampirism is not medically recognized, though it is very real to many who experience it. Through observation of my own condition, and the conditions of many others with whom I have communicated, I have been able to see various similarities and common denominators which we all share in varying degrees. Within my site, I have attempted to enumerate these conditions, traits, symptoms, indicators, — whatever one wants to call them. It should be known that this information is not necessarily the definitive criteria for being a vampire; it merely reflects the common experiences and conditions of a number of people who fit in the same boat. It is also subject to revision if new or more accurate information comes to light.

The information on my site should not be used as a substitute for any medical advice; if you experience any sort of physical symptom or discomfort (whether or not you are or think you may be a vampire), you should seek the advice of a medical professional. In all likelihood, the condition is entirely treatable (even if you are a vampire). I realize that there are many who are reluctant to see a doctor, because of a fear of being thought of as crazy or even of being locked up. Know this: In seeking medical advice, it is not necessary to mention the “v-word”. Merely describe your condition or discomfort. The medical professional is there to help — it is their job; he or she is on your side.

If you have no driving need to consume blood, and your health or well-being does not suffer if you do not, then I strongly urge you to refrain from consuming blood! In these times, blood drinking, — whether from a human or an animal, — is a very risky thing to do. It is not something “cool” to impress your friends with, nor is it something you do to freak people out. There are risks and dangers to both the consumer and the donor that you need to be aware of. For one, you could catch AIDS, hepatitis, or any number of other blood-borne diseases. Ask yourself, is freaking out your friends worth a slow and lingering death? I do not encourage the drinking or consuming of blood, but I do supply information on how to do so with a minimum of risk, both to one’s self and one’s source or donor, for those who are going to do so. I cannot stop you, but I can give you the means to do it safely, sanely and responsibly. I also supply alternatives to drinking blood.

While these pages are freely accessible on the web, they are to be considered for mature viewers. If you are underage and viewing these pages without the knowledge or consent of your parent or legal guardian, then you are here without my permission, and you need to leave. Parents: There are software companies that provide internet site blocking software which can block this site, and sites like it, if you do not wish your children to view such sites. Such software is not intended as a substitute for parental responsibility — but only an aid to such responsibility. I do not and cannot control the actions of those who view my pages. I will not be held responsible for foolish, immature, insane or downright stupid actions or activities of other people. I have made every attempt to provide information in a responsible manner, to be used in a responsible manner.

Sanguinarius.org is not a cult. It is not my intent to control people or subvert their thinking. For the goals and agendas of Sanguinarius.org, please view the Statements of Purpose. Vampirism itself is not a religion, or a spiritual pathway, or even a philosophy, but a physical condition, regardless of what some groups may believe, or try to get you to believe. The “vampiric community” is not a cult, either. It is an umbrella term for the loose conglomeration of individuals from all walks of life, who either are vampires, live or have adopted a vampiric/Vampyric lifestyle, or who identify themselves as vampires in some way. Sanguinarius.org encourages individuals to think freely and for themselves, to explore alternative and conflicting viewpoints, to question information (including that which is on this site), and to speak their minds freely and without reservation if they so desire. (What cult does that, eh? smirk)

While individuals in the vampiric community may be involved in a vampiric cult or a cultlike organization, merely belonging to a “House” or a “Coven” does not constitute being in a cult. Also bear in mind that just because a group has a different outlook, practices, viewpoints or even religion than yours, does not make it a cult. Groups must be considered and evaluated on an individual basis in order to determine their qualities. Many groups are merely social organizations on par with a Star Trek fan club, or perhaps a local social group such as a moose lodge, oe a fraternity/sorority, which provide contact, camaraderie and socialization amongst like-minded individuals. Granted, some groups may have a religious or spiritual overtone or foundation, but that does not necessarily make them harmful or even cultlike. I do not have much experience in dealing with cults or their members, but I do have a cult evaluation form available on my site at http://www.sanguinarius.org/2014/10/advanced-bonewits-cult-danger-evaluation-frame/ Further information is freely available by doing a web search for “cults”.

I also recognize that there are groups and individuals out there (and you may be one of them) who are critical or skeptical of anyone’s claims of being a vampire, and/or who wish to point out the ridiculousness of our claims, or even quiet them. This is understandable, since the traditional and popular views of vampires are of undead, evil monsters with supernatural powers running around, biting people on their necks and turning them into vampires, etc., etc. We are not and do not claim to be such things, and seek to educate those (vampires and non-vampires alike) who are ignorant of this. It is up to you, the individual, whether you wish to believe our claims and assertions, but we are still here. We may not be supernatural, inhuman, etc., but we do practice vampirism.

And it is the goal of this site to get those who do so, to do it safely, sanely, and responsibly.

There have been a few disgruntled critics who cannot find any fault with me, my efforts, or my site, and so commence to claiming that I am trying to make money off of “these poor, lost souls” because I display banner advertising on my site and run an online store, or have a request for donations. I have nothing civil to say to these idiotic, anti-capitalistic malcontents. I make no apologies for trying to make ends meet. I provide, at no obligation whatsoever to those who make use of the services I provide, extensive information and resources. All of this is done out of my own pocket. I am on a fixed and very limited income. I have very little left over each month after basic home expenses such as rent, food, phone, etc., and I go to great personal expense to ensure that Sanguinarius.org stays operational. Frankly, I think that I am entitled to the $5.00 to $10.00 USD per month I get from banner advertising. That doesn’t even cover the cost of my internet access. I don’t know why some people try to frame me in a bad light because I try to recoup expenses in whatever way I can; it costs them nothing. They act as though I have misappropriated some donation they gave in good faith. It should be noted that the people who complain about these things have themselves contributed very little, — if anything at all, — to the vampiric community. “Those who row the boat generally don’t have time to rock it.”

And so what if I were turning a profit? Is that bad or something? I sure hope that someday I can be operating in the black! And if I do, then that means I will be able to bring even more resources and benefit to the vampiric community.

Sanguinarius.org does not even survive on supplemental donations. I maintain no staff, paid or unpaid. I do receive volunteer help with such things as moderating the message boards and IRC channel, occasionally updating pages on my site, creating site-related graphics and the like, and for these things, the only payment they get in return is sincere thanks and appreciation.

I do solicit, request, and receive submissions of articles, information and anecdotes to add to my site. A significant amount of the information contained on my site is not my own. I give proper and desired credit where it is due. Occasionally, disgruntled critics complain that I have produced an entire website full of nothing but other people’s stuff and efforts, and then I take all the credit. I have nothing civil to say to these irascible, hebetudinous dissidents. My website is intended to be a repository of shared knowledge. Each person separately may have a brick, but a brick is not a building; put together many separate bricks from many separate people, and you have a useful structure which benefits all the people who come to use it. Yes, my page would not be half as good, or even a twentieth as good, as it is without the efforts and contributions of all the other people. It is not at all the case, as the complainers claim, that I let other people do all the work so that I can use their material and have a great site and get lots of visitors.

And as for those who can find nothing else to complain about but the fact that “Sanguinarius.org is listed everywhere they turn”, — I should certainly hope so! I’ve worked hard to bring vamps good information and resources, and to get the site known so that many can benefit from what I offer. I’m damn proud of my site, and all the effort and everything else that I (as well as others) have put into it to make it good, useful and known. If you think it sucks then you don’t have to come here and look at it, but you’ll have your work cut out for you trying to convince a great many people that it’s a worthless, crappy page.

I am an elder in the community, but I am not “The” Elder. I am considered a leader by those who respect me, and spat on by those who do not. I do not wish to be put upon a pedestal and lauded with adoration, or followed unquestioningly. I do the best I can, but I am fallible. I accept the fact that I am considered a leader under protest. I would prefer maybe more accurate, “a leading figure”. I have been active for a long time, was one of the early online community-organizers and resource-suppliers, have put in considerable effort into the community, and am in a position to share my knowledge and experience with others less knowledgeable; and for these things, I get saddled with being “leader”. I’m not perfect, but I do my best.

And on that note, I’m ending this.


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