Why are there all these vampire help sites and no werewolf help sites?

There are some were / therian support sites out there. They're just harder to find. You might take a look at these sites:

Otherkin.net – Probably the foremost site on the Net for otherkin, this site includes many articles, a Wiki, gatherings, community directory, and a links directory.

The Otherkin Community – An exciting community housing Otherkin, and a great discussion forum for metaphysics and the science behind it. A non-profit organization dedicated to the advancement of metaphysical sciences and dissemination of Otherkin culture.

ShadowLore Main Discussion Group – The main ShadowLore egroup and discussion list at Yahoo Groups.  ShadowLore is a network and group for vampires, donors, fae, elves, dragons, otherkin, therians (were-creatures), and witches to meet and get to know one another.  It's about learning to accept each other as individuals and not for what we claim to be. It's about learning to tolerate our differences while still holding on to our individual beliefs.  This is not a roleplaying group.

The WEREWeb – Site deals with the many subjects of “Therianthropy”, such as lycanthropy, animal guides and spirits, totem animals and anything that may be animal or spirit related.  It would certainly appear that there's more to the myth of lycanthropy than first appears… Site includes articles, howls (gatherings), a list of forums, and some fun stuff.  Also includes the full FAQs for the newsgroup alt.horror.werewolves.

There are, no doubt, others, as well.  Once you begin making connections with these sites and groups, you'll discover more sites and leads.

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More info later.

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Sanguinarius E. Sanguinarius – who has written posts on Sanguinarius.org for Real Vampires.

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