Where can I find dentists in my area that are able to make “permanent” vampire fang caps for teeth?

Call around the dentist listings in your local yellow pages and ask if they do dental prosthetics.

If you're willing to settle for something less permanent, you can get something called Scarecrow Fangs but that's the brand name.  The fangs look okay.  They can go on and off your teeth at your convenience, if you're not ready for permanent fangs to be added on or implanted.

I recently heard something about Todd Sebastiaan going to be revving around the countryside in his new Fangmobile, spreading the joys of fanginess to the flat-toothed populace. Cool I'm not sure what his website is these days, but you might try googling Sabretooth and vampyres and you will probably come up with it.  He might make the trip by your area; you never know unless you contact him and find out.

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More info later.

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