What are Houses?

Household is a generic term used for fraternal organizations within the Sanguinarium community, and now throughout the vampyre subculture. A household is a group of individuals who share a common philosophy, ceremonies, membership requirements, belief system, traditions, hierarchy, sigil and theme.

“Generally, the number of people in a household is unlimited. Members of a given household are usually not limited to only one geographical location. A household will commonly have members from all over the country or even the world.” — Father Todd

A particular House may or may not be a part of the Sanguinarium. As for finding the right House for you, you need to look around, get to know some of the Houses out there, learn about them, and what their focus is, their interests, beliefs, attitudes, etc. Unfortunately, if you hit the search engines, you'll encounter a lot of crap about RPG Houses (fictional houses created by roleplayers to use in their games; most likely, these will indicate they are such).

Of course, you could rely on networking with other self-identified real vampires and contact some who are in their own Houses to talk to about their experiences within the House, their House's philosophy, outlook, rules and procedures and such, too.

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