My boyfriend says he's a sanguinarian vampire. As a normal person I find it really hard to believe him. I've been researching about this ever since and trying to find answers to the hundreds of questions that I have. Can vampires be in love or have sex with a normal person and lead a normal life? I actually have more questions hehe.

Vampires are normal people too, don't forget! We hold many jobs all over the spectrum, nurses, teachers, fast food employees, psychologists, sales associates.

We love, we have sex, and often not with other vampires. His eyes might be more sensitive to the sun and he might need sunscreen if it's sunny out. Occasionally he'll consume small amounts of blood (which can be a sensual/sexual act in itself so many choose to do it with romantic partners), but overall, a normal life. He'll work, pay bills, go on dates, go to concerts, party, get drunk, get hungover!

The blood consumption is probably the only thing you'd have to adapt to in comparison to a relationship with a non-vampire (whether it's your blood or not). Every one is different though, and he'd probably appreciate it if you asked him your concerns. Especially since telling a lover about your vampirism shows a lot of trust…

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