How do I know if I am awakening or if I am a vampire?

The question of awakening is a difficult one. No one can tell you if you're awakening or if you're a vampire; it's a conclusion that you need to come to on your own. Read through this site (, as well as other sites on real vampires, including their message and support boards. Look inside yourself and ask, “Do I NEED to take the energy/blood that I want?” It won't be a decision that you come to lightly. It will take a lot of soul-searching, introspection and time on your part. –Little ego

Many of us have spent long nights wondering who and what we are. For me, suffering unexplainable pains, and being totally consumed, as well as relieved, by the taste of blood brought me to the conclusion that I am a vampire, a sanguinarian, a blood-drinker, or whatever else you may call it.

Try not to ask yourself, “Am I a vampire?”, but instead ask, “Do I need an alternate form of energy?”, or “Am I afflicted with this condition?” Eliminating the word “vampire”, and everything associated with it, can help you to make a more thoughtful decision. –MFuture

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