Do vampires have blond bonds, if so what is a blood bond I've heard of it but I still don't know what it means and also would a vampire turn a person they really really love?

I'm not quite sure what is meant by Blood Bond.

There's a certain intimacy involved in drinking a persons blood, even being completely clinical, the taking and consumption of another being's blood can cause a “bond” with the donor. But not in any Dracula way (I've not seen True Blood or Twilight, so if it's a reference, I'm not likely to get it), more like a friendship, or caring. A bond of… gratitude, is very likely. It means a lot to get a donor.

However, turning doesn't happen. Not because it's against any rules or anything. We're not going to get sentenced to death by the high council of whatever if we dare turn a mortal.

But it doesn't happen because it can't happen. We can't turn anybody. As of yet, there are only theories as to what causes the BIOLOGICAL vampirism in an individual, a genetic mutation? we're not sure, but turning doesn't happen. Be wary of people that tell you they can turn you, you'll end up disappointed in the end (it's also dangerous because who knows what they'll do, and many scam artists will tell you they can turn you for X amount of money, and it just doesn't happen)

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