Define what you mean by a “vampire”; / What makes a “vampire”? etc…'

By “vampire”, I do not speak of the undead, or of supernatural creatures, or of immortal super-men, but of human beings who have the need to drain blood or psychic energy (or sometimes both) from others. There are sanguinarian vampires, who consume blood; there are psi-vampires, who need pranic energy (psychic energy); and there are those who drain either/or, interchangeably.

“Typical symptoms of blood vampirism include sensitivity to sunlight, blood hunger (which is similar to an addiction craving), mildly heightened senses and improved night vision, instinct alterations, psychic abilities, and occasionally mildly increased speed / dexterity / strength. I've also heard of some vampyrs reporting increased reflectivity of the eyes in low light, and I've seen evidence of this myself.” — Winged Wolf

“Psychic vampire” is a very common misnomer for the psi-vampire. Many people, — even the psi-vampires, — often do not make or even realize the distinction between the two terms. Technically speaking, “A psychic vampire is a vampire who is psychic while a psi-vampire is a vampire who feeds on energy, preferably emotional energy. To say that psi-vampires are psychic vampires would be like saying that sanguinarians are blood fetishists since they like the taste of blood.” — Aneria Romana, psi-vampire, Aneria Romana's Psi-Vampire Page: What's In A Name (now defunct).

You might also take a look at the FAQ, “I have [insert trait/symptom here]. Could it mean I'm a vampire?”, for more detailed information on vampiric traits and symptoms.

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