What does it mean if you have every symptom?

Print/PDF FriendlyThat you *might* be a vampire.  Although before you go deciding that you are one, you should get your symptoms checked out by a health professional.  The doc might be able to treat some symptoms, even if you DO turn out to be a vampire.

I am a vampire that gets burned by the sun very easily. Do I need to use a certain type of sun block or will any type do?

Print/PDF FriendlyLook for sunblocks with higher SPF (Sun Protection Factor). They will generally protect you better. Sunblock also comes in waterproof. How much protection you get is determined by the not only the SPF, but also your skin type, time of day/angle of the sun in the sky (mornings and afternoons, the sun's rays have to pass through more of the atmosphere before they reach you), activities you perform (ie, if you swim or not), … Continue reading

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