I’m new to Sanguinarius.org. What part should I look at first?

Print/PDF FriendlyTo navigate through the site, use the drop down menu bar at the top of the pages. Hit the Frequently Asked Questions (this FAQs section you’re reading now) and the Vampire Guide, Tips & Advice section first. Next, you might familiarize yourself with some of the terms we use in the vampire community by browsing through Terminology & Lingo. Also, later when you have more time (there’s A LOT of info on the site), … Continue reading

What does the ankh symbol mean?

Print/PDF FriendlyIt is the Egyptian symbol (hieroglyph) for life. It's been adopted and adapted by many vampires and vampire groups, including Sanguinarius.org, due to either the “immortal” or life symbolism.

Is this page something to do with role-playing, or is it just some sort of weird web thing?

Print/PDF FriendlyNeither. (I actually got this as an email…) *Andy Rooney voice* I've always wondered what the fellow meant by “some weird web thing”? What IS a weird web thing, anyway? I know of a site which translated normal web pages and made them appear to be written in the way that JarJar Binks spoke in Star Wars. I think it was called the JarJar Jargonizer. I don't know if it's still around. I would … Continue reading

Sanguinarius? The Sanguinarium? I'm confused… What's the deal?

Print/PDF FriendlySanguinarius.org for Real Vampires (located at http://www.sanguinarius.org/ ) and the Sanguinarium (located at http://www.sanguinarium.net/ ) are two entirely distinct and separate entities. Though differing by one letter and now the “.net” extension, and catering to the vampiric subculture, the Sanguinarium is significantly different from Sanguinarius.org. Sanguinarius.org Founded in the spring of 1997, and run by Sanguinarius (me), this is my effort to help real vampires, blood drinkers and vampiric people, and to provide resources, … Continue reading

Where are all the questions???

Print/PDF FriendlyTo make a long story short, my old FAQ script broke (*Sangi gets a sense of deja vu*)  and I could not update it, so I had to find a new FAQs script and install it.  All the questions from the old script are in the old database, but I have to add them into the new script's database. This involves going through the old database by hand, finding each question, and copy/pasting them … Continue reading

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