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Welcome to Sanguinarius’s Video Vault, where a number of videos about real vampires, the vampire community, otherkin, therians and a few relevant miscellaneous videos reside.  Whenever a real vampire, community, otherkin, therianthropy or related video becomes available, and I know about it, I will add it here. I opened this archive to be a permanent home of the real vampire-related and otherkin video files I have. You can view to them online, or download and watch later (I have to figure out how to enable downloading). Files will generally be in flv or mp4 format.  Sanguinarius hosts these in an effort to disseminate valid and sensible information to my visitors.  Hope you enjoy the vids! — Sangi

I’ve divided up the videos into some general sections to make it easier for you to find what you’re looking for.  Please enjoy the playlist(s) and feel free to rate and comment on any of them.

Vampire Videos

Some vampire-related videos, including some from Zilchy outside of his dow-defunct Q&A series. Most of these are under 10 minutes each, but a few are around 20 minutes long.  Stay tuned for more.

Otherkin / Therian

Here are some videos for otherkin and therians.  Stay tuned…


Videos that do not otherwise fit into the vampires or otherkin categories, but which I felt were still relevant. Shows may include the paranormal, furries, satanism, author interviews and other information pertinent to these topics. If a video becomes available, and I know about it, I will add it here, if I can.

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