On ‘Vampiric Rape’ and Prey, Part 5

By Lauren

Finally, I would like to leave you with this.

As humans, our bodies are created in such a way that if the body has a deficiency, we will crave the substances that provide the subject of the craving. Hypoglycemics, when sugar levels drop, will crave candy, or fruit or foods that contain sugar. When one’s potassium levels drop, the individual may crave potatoes or bananas. Whatever method of delivery that will satisfy that deficiency.

Often the slightest deviations in the levels of the deficient element, will be noticed by the individual. Subsequently, the balancing of that deficiency, even in the slightest, will create a strong level of recovery.

It is the same with vampires. Vampires, for whatever reason one might speculate, and it is a matter of much and varied speculation as to why, crave energy. When that vampire becomes deficient in energy they feel drained, ill, out of control… and generally horrible.

Nature did not forget the vampire. You as a vampire are suited with many and varied strengths, attributes, virtues, charm, intelligence, wit and intuition (empathic or psychic). THESE are your tools and methods of gaining sustenance.

Let me tell you a true story about two dear friends of mine. I knew the gentleman before the lady so I can promise you I know these things about him. This man was and had been as long as I knew him, a “goody-two-shoes”. Very conservative, very intuitive, yes, but very strict in his morals and ethics. He was what you call a “straight arrow”. Well, this man met a lady, and she was charming in the extreme. She was physically beautiful, but not movie-star beautiful. Still there was something about her he could not resist. She fell madly in love with him also. One afternoon, when he had come home from work, they chatted online. She was noticeably nervous, and distant, although he could feel she wanted to draw closer. She was afraid of something. He asked her what was up. She said she could not tell him online but she could only tell him in person or on the phone. He called her and when she answered, she stammered and stuttered and he, trying to make it easier on her, said, “Are you trying to tell me you’re bisexual?” She said, “No.” He asked if she was married. Again, “No.” He had NEVER heard of a real vampire and had it been anyone else but her, he might have reacted totally differently than what he did. But he told her he’d sit with her until she felt safe in telling him. She blurted out, “I’m a vampire!” He hesitated slightly and responded, “So?” She was surprised and relieved.

Now, this man, and I know him well, would not have accepted that without question from anyone else. He would have questioned, and gone off to think, and would have read all he could, but he would have questioned. Even had he still accepted, he would NOT have been her donor. It would have just been too weird. Yet, this man became her donor. Why? Well, yes, because he loves her. But also because of her innate charm, charisma, and ability to attract people to her. He’s not the only one attracted to her. She’s not your typical girl next door, and he was raised with conservative values, and a very bigoted family. Yet all of them said… “I can’t help but love the girl!”

This is the gift of every vampire I’ve ever met. Some recognize this in themselves, and some haven’t yet. What I do know is if you’re a vampire, the gift is there, waiting to be cultivated. Vampires seem to have an innate ability to sense who is, and is not, open to the reality of vampirism. It’s almost like a radar.

Vampires are the most exciting, captivating and intriguing people I’ve ever met. We seem to be able to “will” others to do our bidding…when we choose to. But we can be some of the most intensely uncomfortable people to be around when we’re not happy.

Any vampire who uses force, to get a donor (victim), is wasting, betraying, and demeaning him/herself. I do not know a vampire alive who has to resort to force to find a donor. I do know there are times when a donor is not available for a good amount of time, and for the vampire it may feel like forever. There ARE good substitutes though, and will keep you going until you find a willing donor.

Let me also say, there are all sorts of energy. The vampire is a vain ol’ thing. I have never met a vampire who did not want to be the subject of admiration. These are the most satisfying and sustaining energies for nearly every vampire I have met. True, there are those who will enjoy, from time to time, something different, and may want the energies of fear (which may make the vampire feel powerful), or anger, but even those will be rejuvenated most by admiring energies. Love, Strength, admiration, appreciation, peace and trust. It is when a vampire has these, they are most content, they reach their potential more aptly and are generally happy vampires.

If you’re newly awakened, you may not recognize these things in yourself yet. Reach out to an elder, find a mentor, let them help you open these qualities in yourself.

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