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This article is dedicated to the psi ability of empathy. This is one of the most common psi abilities yet can also be one of the hardest to get used to or adapt to as it were. The information contained is geared more to those who are dealing with empathy and not those who want the psi ability of empathy.

Help with empathy:


Let it be known that certain forms of energy work are subjective in two parts. One being that it works differently for each person; I can show you my way of working energy but in the end you have to make it your own. Second being that since energy use is subjective, you can create shields yet if someone is powerful enough or determined enough they will get through. That being said…

There are a few methods of creating shields; the one that I will be talking about involves visualization. You can make shields to do many different things, your imagination is your limit. Your basic shield for the empath *should* keep out the general public’s emotions.

What I do is visualize energy coming out of my hands and circling my entire body until a cocoon like energy surrounds me. It is important to specify intent while doing this, otherwise you just have a bunch of your energy turned inside out for the world to see, the opposite of a shield, though this can be used in the next section.

Receiving and Projecting

If you haven’t noticed this entire page is geared more towards people who are already at a high level of empathy or are naturally inclined. Therefore, most of this will be about controlling your empathic tendancies, not creating them.

For receiving, your main concern will be sifting through the legion of thoughts and emotions including your own to pick up where it is coming from and what is being felt. For me, meditation has helped greatly in becoming more receptive, after you get used to meditating it can be used anywhere. All that is needed would be to simply think of meditating and from there you can start the journey of sorting though the emotions. Ask yourself why am I feeling this way? Where did it stem from? Get to the dark of the matter.

For projecting emotions, knowledge of external energy work is needed. On a side note I believe that empathy in it’s pure form is nothing BUT receiving, yet as we receive we learn how to project emotions as well. Assuming you already know a bit about energy work, the way that I project emotion is purely psi but it could also be considered to be a form of open hand evocation. First thing I do is choose an emotion, then meditate on that emotion to get to know and identify with it. The once you have “become” that emotion either send it towards a particular target or you can broadcast it towards the general public. It is important with this method that after you send this particular energy to discard any remaining residue left over from this emotion, if not it is possible for it to become more real than you would like.


Something that I have noticed with empaths including myself, is that during the phase where you are still struggling with control over this ability someone else tends to take control, called the social chameleon. This especially applies to those who do not even realize they have this gift. When you are talking to people, without knowing it you may be receiving their emotions, and it is tough when first gaining control to realize that THEY ARE NOT YOURS! So as the conversation continues you slowly slip into their shoes and become them. This is dangerous if you do not know what you are doing. If it continues and you do not realize it you will slowly slip away until you do not know who you are anymore. This is what those vacations for yourself, by yourself, are for.

Have you ever wondered why people come to you with their problems, and you are everyone’s friend? Generally people like to talk to others like themselves and if they can relate on their own level usually the barriers of protection drop enough for them to open up to you on a physical level so that they feel safe enough to confide in you. A lot of moral questions arise from this knowledge; please do not misuse this. Nothing is worse than toying with the emotions of others. You of all people should know this.

Grampa-E contributed the article “Empathy”.

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