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Formerly Digital Sugar: Sangi’s “Private” Warm Fuzzy Page

This was my private page to keep track of warm fuzzies, raves, compliments and other significant things that I wished to keep track of. Nobody was supposed to know about it but me, but now I’ve made it public for the reporters, journalists and others who check the Online Press Room.  (So feel special! smile)

Go ahead and read it since you’re here. 😛 It’s mostly unsolicited raves, compliments and other inspirational stuff I look at when I’m down and need a boost or my ego stroked, lol. Newest comments are first.

From Tanner Frsch, Facebook Messenger, March 2, 2015:

It’s a pleasure to meet you. I’ve always enjoyed your site, it has remained my top favorite site even from the time of my Awakening at age nine, I am 22 now. I’ve recommended your site to many and I still to this day go on to the site and I always learn something new. Your site has never disappointed me Sangi. I am a friend of Stefan Henderson and I’d love to be friends with you, the individual who’s site played a major part of my life even to this day. I really hope you feel better soon, if you were to delete your Facebook account, I myself and I know others would be saddened by that. I’m pretty sure Stefan enjoys speaking with you. I greatly enjoy your humor and I think those in the VC and OVC need that kind of humor in their lives.

From Vamp Luna, on my FaceBook wall, October 24, 2014:

I have never come across a site that can hold a candle to yours and the sheer volumes of information from all different perspectives.

From Quincy Wade Palamar, on my FaceBook wall, March 21, 2014:

Tbh the fun section on has the BEST stories! Ive been going there since before i turned 13 and the site is AMAZING! Thank you Sanguinarius E. Sanguinarius for the wonderful content, you rock!!!!

Undated, but found in my old FAQs database, amongst the question & answer pairs:

You have shed a ray of sunshine into the forum. Thanks! — Laticia

From #Sanguinarius (on, November 3rd, 2013:

<@bmac2> 🙂 I really do consider you important to me.. All these years dealing with vampirism, your site and chat was the first one I ever took seriously, and still to this day, take it very seriously..

From #Sanguinarius (on, August 29, 2013:

[18:26] <@Sangi_off_duty> For the Vampire Guide, Tips & Advice go to
[18:27] <Bloody_Rose> That guide has saved me! I’ve used it many many times

From a Facebook Friend request approximately in June, 2010:

Sangi! [heart] I would like to thank you very sincerely for giving me so much information and a place that I can turn to for answers when there weren’t any. You are certainly a hero in my book. Without your help (via your Website), I would genuinely probably be dead.
I love you, Sangi! [heart] Regards,
N.D. Gaskins

From #Sanguinarius, in IRC Dal.Net (when they didn’t know I was watching), February 7th, 2010:

<Bloody_Rose> sangi’s site has lots of good articles
<SeismicMoon> very good resource, among the best I have seen

From the Detroit Area Vampire Community Message Board: Public Forum, FAQs (posted May 27, 2009):

A good source for some of that information [on vampirism] is the (significantly longer) Real Vampires FAQ at (http://www.sanguinari…) which is a generally respected source of information on vampirism. Not everyone agrees with everything sanguinarius says but enough of us agree with most of it that she’s a good place to start.

Hey, I try. 🙂


Sanguinarius ( can not be stressed enough as essentially the best resource on the subject of vampirism.

From a private message from Lacuna Cristina vampire on the VCMB, Feb 19, 2009:

Thanks for putting up your sanguinarius support page! It has helped me loads through my awakening thank you so much !!!!!! 😀

From an email dated 2008-04-27:

Hello, i would like too say that your Website is a wonderful collection of Articles and Support.. its given me some insight on more than one occasion. I am very happy that there is a place that can give some answers or at least some hints on the subject. I Like to study About Vampires, learn about how they live and how they get along in everyday society.. since i was very young ive had a passion for Vampires. when i found your website, i was instantly “hooked” by it, being the most extensive collection ive ever come across. well long story shorter i just wanted to thank you for creating your website a place of learning and wisdom(most of the time) Farewell!

InvisibleShadow has just posted a reply (2007-02-23) to a topic that you have subscribed to titled “Sanguinarius”.  The topic can be found here:

*yells* WE LOVE YOU SANGI!!!!! But on a more serious note *clear throat* You have helped so many people with your site (including myself). Without your site most of us would probably still be in the dark about who and what we are and how we should deal with it. Thank you Sangi! 😀

From Imon, on the Les Vampires Yahoo! Group, March 26, 2005 (Msg 3407):

…if you’re not already familiar with this site [The Real Vampire Directory]…it is an EXCELLENT resource! Go browse around.

From an email dated 2004-11-22:

Hello. I am glad that you have an ad program set up because it has helped me out a lot. I found a mentor, and hopefully i will find a donor soon. I think you have done a very good job on your website, it has helped me out a lot.

Sanguinarius received the (revived; now defunct) Coven Organization’s “Light in the Darkness” Award. Nitallica, site admin, wrote,

Your site has been awarded the ‘Light in the Darkness’ Award. Sites like yours are an inspiration and truly represent the spirit of the Internet. Not many people have the courage to tackle ‘darker’ subjects, which leaves many victims feeling alone and alienated. It’s comforting to know that with sites like yours, one can feel that he or she is _NOT_ alone out there … and that there is, indeed, a light in the proverbial darkness.

From an email dated 2004-09-19:

I love you Sanguinarius. I’m your Number 1# Fan.

Awwwww, how sweet! 😀

From Morganna, on CoTD: Reality vs. Fantasy:

My best advice to any newly aware Real Vamp who might be seeking advice, information and support is to head directly to Sanguinarius’s Resources for Real Vampires and READ everything BEFORE committing yourself to some group, clan, or family.

From OrthaeVelve, on House Eclipse Forums:

If you are curious about vampirism and it’s symptoms, you cannot do better than to look up and the rest of the Vampire Support Page put up by Sanguinarius. It is some of the most accurate information out there, and she herself is a sweetheart.

Sanguinarius – Gold Choice
Average Rating — N/A
Recommended by: Under the Raised Eyebrow of the Cynical BytchWytch
THE best website for information on vampirism; the lifestyle, the facts, tips and more. Great message board and community.
Date Posted: September 21, 2003 18:42

From Sarasvati’s page:

Sangi’s wonderfully informational site that covers a broad range of topics from contact info, to chats, to Problems Vampires Have 🙂

From: jet
To: Sanguinarius
Posted: Thu, 16 Jan, 2003 4:09
Subject: hello

Hi Sangi

We didn’t realy get a chance to meet yet but when I was going trough the boards something just crossed my mind.

You realy have put alot off effort in this forum. And because you don’t realy get something in return for doing this I thougth it would be nice to thank you for it.
Your a kind off vampiric mother theresa…

Thank ya icon_biggrin.gif

From: Sarah Dorrance <sdorrance@s…>
Date: Sun May 5, 2002 4:15 am
Subject: Re: [slad] Your points

By the way, have fun trying to gain respectability without Sanguinarius, who has always been acknowledged as one of the sharpest sources of unbiased information on vampirism on the internet, and who has acquired this reputation only partly because she has always refused to play vampire politics.

From’s link page, not later than November 20, 2001:

Sanguinarius’ Vampire Pages
The ultimate web resource for mortal vampires. Sanguinarius covers every aspect of human vampirism in a responsible, impartial, and clear manner. Go and visit it.

From: Harijan <isobel@o…>
Date: Sun Aug 5, 2001 5:31 pm
Subject: Re: [The Vampire/Donor Alliance] update on the blackveil…..umm…

Sangi is *only* responsible for creating the blood feeding subculture as we know it, and the least political (therefore the most popular and most respected) member of the Council. (I mean, hell. Even I think she’s the bee’s knees.)

From: Tiny Human Ferret (
Subject: Re: Slimelight NYC?
Newsgroups: alt.gothic, alt.culture.vampires, uk.people.gothic
Date: 2000-08-16 23:27:18 PST

Question three, what the hell is he doing with that “sanguin*” site, which is clearly a rip-off of the “sanguin*” site?

From The Vampire Legacy Society:

Sanguinarius– This site will always continue to be the forerunner of true vampire sites. Sanguinarius has dedicated an astronomical amount of her time, energy, and money to the Vampire Community. Her site is huge, and well stocked with info and interaction. A huge thank you from all of us here at the Vampire Legacy Society.

From the guide to the net.vampyric: for Real Vampires, Blood Drinkers and Vampiric People
This is a real gem. Not only does it deal sanely and rationally with the subject of real life vampirism, it offers amazingly good advice to those who are either vampires or just have a blood habit.

From Vampires?:

There are many very good articles and info on If you are interested, that is a very good place to start.

From Lair of the Hidden’s Links: Another in the bid for the best site on real vampires, in my opinion. Huge and full of information, you should definately visit this site.

Posted by Mike on Blood Rose Forest: Real Mortal Vampires: The Gathering:

I suggest you visit Here you will find many interesting articles dealing with real vampires. The site is straight and to the point, and pulls no punches. Its a very good place for newly awakened vamps to find answers.

More ego-stroking (or ego-nursing) things…er, unsolicited comments…to come… lol

I’m the founder/creator/page slave of I’m in my early-to-mid 40s. I have 2 special kitties and a good man.

More info later.

See my website, Sangi’s Corner, for more about me.

Sanguinarius E. Sanguinarius – who has written posts on for Real Vampires.

About Sanguinarius E. Sanguinarius

I’m the founder/creator/page slave of I’m in my early-to-mid 40s. I have 2 special kitties and a good man. More info later. See my website, Sangi’s Corner, for more about me.
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