I’m new to Sanguinarius.org. What part should I look at first?

To navigate through the site, use the drop down menu bar at the top of the pages.

Hit the Frequently Asked Questions (this FAQs section you’re reading now) and the Vampire Guide, Tips & Advice section first. Next, you might familiarize yourself with some of the terms we use in the vampire community by browsing through Terminology & Lingo.

Also, later when you have more time (there’s A LOT of info on the site), take a look through the extensive Articles Archive. Both the Vampire Guide and the articles are divided up into sub-sections based on their topic and focus. I also have a section for Problems Vampires Have, one for Fun Vampires Have, and a Teen Vampires section with info and things more specifically oriented toward younger vampires and the newly awakened or awakening. I don’t know your age, so I’m not assuming anything, just giving the section a mention.  I also have a Parents’ Section under development, for vampire parents and parents of vampires.

For questions, support and interaction with others, stop by the Vampire Community Message (& Support) Board — the “VCMB” — and/or the Vampire-Discussion group at Yahoo! Groups. Feel free to browse through their message archives and ask questions.

If you want to chat live with me or some others (vampires included), drop by the #Sanguinarius IRC channel on dal.net. If you don’t know what IRC/dal.net is, go to http://irc.sanguinarius.org/ and it will explain more, and there’s a web-based java chat you can use to connect to the chat room (channel) if you don’t have an IRC client installed. I’m usually in the chat room, but may be away from the keyboard doing other things. If I’m in, type “Sangi” and if I’m within earshot, I’ll answer. There are others who will be happy to talk to you, answer questions, etc., as well. I’m usually in as “Sanguinarius” or “Sangi_something” (Sangi_away if I’m away, Sangi_SiteWork, Sangi_On_Break, etc.). Drop on by.  Say hi and give people a few minutes to notice you if things are slow.

If you want to know more of what Sanguinarius.org is about, read through the Introduction, Statements of Purpose and the Disclaimer/Commentary (linked at the bottom of the pages).

There are a number of other sections and pages within the site and linked to from here that you can check out at your leisure, if you want to, though I’ve already mentioned the essential sections.

Oh! And how could I forget to mention The Real Vampire Directory? Once you’re done browsing around the main site, you can move on to the “RVD” to find loads and loads of links to all kinds of real vampire sites, information, resources, shopping/products, personal pages, and more.

I have replaced the Real Vampire Directory with the Recommended Links section; basically, the best of the RVD.

I’m the founder/creator/page slave of Sanguinarius.org. I’m in my early-to-mid 40s. I have 2 special kitties and a good man.

More info later.

See my website, Sangi’s Corner, for more about me.

Sanguinarius E. Sanguinarius – who has written posts on Sanguinarius.org for Real Vampires.

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