How many types of vampires are there?

*Sangi sings to the tune of the Lone Ranger theme* A vamp is a vamp is a vamp vamp vamp. A vamp is a vamp is a vamp vamp vamp…

Generally speaking, vampires are commonly classified into two types: 1.) sang. vampires, or blood feeders (a.k.a. “sanguinarians” — it's not “sanguinarius” — that's my name), and 2.) psi/energy vampires.

But you should know that a vampire is a vampire. The thing which distinguishes the different “types” is mainly the method of feeding. Some feed on blood; some feed on psi/energy; others feed on elemental energy (energy from storms and nature). Some can feed on either/or, or both. I think this mainly is determined by one's own level of psychic ability. Most commonly, those who feed from psi/energy take it from people, whether it's from individuals or crowds of people. Some claim to be able to feed off of the energy generated by storms; others claim that they feed on sexual energy (energy generated during sexual interaction); others say they feed from emotional energy, etc. — these are all different forms of energy feeding, and in all cases, the different “types” of vampires are all still boiling down to be energy feeders, or psychic vampires.

To call them different types is to split hairs: Is a person considered a different type of person if s/he eats meat, or is a vegetarian, or eats both or either? What if s/he eats only certain types of vegetables, but not other types (ex., corn, green beans, lettuce, but not eggplant or turnips, or radishes)?

We have here meat eaters, and vegetarians, and those who have no dietary restrictions, but are they different types of people? Or do they just have different types of diets?

Food for thought (sorry, pardon the pun).

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