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“Just the FAQs, Ma’am.” — Sgt. Joe Friday the Thirteenth

About Similar Questions (Read before Posting)

I get a lot of similar questions, and questions that fall under a specific question.  Most of them have already been answered.  Please READ/SEARCH through the Questions first before submitting yours. Look for questions that are similar to yours and read it.  Chances are, it will apply to you.  If you can’t figure out the answer or if it STILL doesn’t answer your question, THEN submit your question.  I’m getting sick and tired of having to deal with the same questions over and over again — QUESTIONS THAT HAVE ALREADY BEEN ANSWERED.

Example:  Jimmy Darklord wants to ask “How old are vampires when they awaken?” but the question, “What is the common age of awakening? already exists even though it doesn’t match HIS question exactly.  And it’s gotten over 950 views.

I don’t out give personal replies (it’s beyond the scope of this FAQs system), and this is not for chatting with someone.  You will not receive an immediate reply.  If you want your question answered, be patient.  I’m not doing a lot of work on my site these days, due to health problems, and as such, I am behind on everything.  The FAQs is something I check occasionally and have a set amount of time set aside to deal with them; they are not the highest priority, unfortunately.  So, duplicate and similar questions only serve to slow me down and take away my energy — and make me frustrated.

The number and variety of different questions is getting too large for me to remember all of them, so as more questions get added, it becomes more and more difficult to find and weed out duplicate and similar questions.  Which serve no purpose, as they have already been answered at least once, if not in several forms.


Also, ask a brief question and DO NOT write a novel in the question field!



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