What can you tell me about the Temple of the Vampire?

Print/PDF FriendlySome say it's a cult just out to get your money, but there are those who are pretty seriously into it and it's beliefs and tenets. They are pretty exclusive and standoffish. I haven't had an BAD experiences with them, but the members I've run across have had a supercilious, vampier-than-thou attitudes and just kind of felt…icky. They feel that anyone who isn't a Vampire is pretty much cattle to feed upon (psychic feeding, … Continue reading

What can you tell me about the High Council?'

Print/PDF FriendlyAnyone can proclaim themselves and their group to be “High Council”. What authority do they have? How far does it extend? Whom are they allegedly high-counselling over? *Sanguinarius proclaims herself to be Pope. — No, The Pope…though not of the Catholic religion* The thing is, any “high council” or similar thing only has the authority by consent of the people. There may be a dozen or more High Councils out there. There may only … Continue reading

Are there such things as Slayers?

Print/PDF FriendlyNo, “slayers” are a fictional creation popularized by the “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” TV show and it's spinoffs such as “Angel”. Some people simply choose to call themselves “slayers” because it sounds cool/makes them sound important/makes them sound “bad-assed”/etc. The more intelligent the people that call themselves “slayers” are, the more realistic they can make it sound to those who are more easily fooled. Historically, the concept of slayers evolved from that of vampire … Continue reading

What are Houses?

Print/PDF FriendlyHousehold is a generic term used for fraternal organizations within the Sanguinarium community, and now throughout the vampyre subculture. A household is a group of individuals who share a common philosophy, ceremonies, membership requirements, belief system, traditions, hierarchy, sigil and theme. “Generally, the number of people in a household is unlimited. Members of a given household are usually not limited to only one geographical location. A household will commonly have members from all over … Continue reading

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