My boyfriend says he's a sanguinarian vampire. As a normal person I find it really hard to believe him. I've been researching about this ever since and trying to find answers to the hundreds of questions that I have. Can vampires be in love or have sex with a normal person and lead a normal life? I actually have more questions hehe.

Print/PDF FriendlyVampires are normal people too, don't forget! We hold many jobs all over the spectrum, nurses, teachers, fast food employees, psychologists, sales associates. We love, we have sex, and often not with other vampires. His eyes might be more sensitive to the sun and he might need sunscreen if it's sunny out. Occasionally he'll consume small amounts of blood (which can be a sensual/sexual act in itself so many choose to do it with … Continue reading

so all a real vampire is jus a regular person who has blood cravings that's it, well disapointed and all I can smell blood others blood I like the metalish taste I could drink it want it or not I could jus say oh I'm a vampire anyone can jus drink the blood n say oh I'm a vampire now yet there's posers that do this I don't get it I've read many sites nothings helpi ng me not even you the "real vampire" if ur born inly to be a vampire then how can u turn someone they eat ur blood then all the sudden they r a vampire a regular person still the same jus want blood haha that's stupid I believe there's more your not telling…. id be a freaking vampire then (but I can only wish now couldn't I)

Print/PDF FriendlyI can only answer what I can decifer, my appologies but the sentence and grammerical structure doesn't quite create “real” language… 1. Correct-ish. A vampires is a regular person with the need to consume blood. Not getting blood can cause tiredness, illness, PAIN. It's not pleasant. Not all vampires consume blood though. There are psychic vampries of all times Psychic Vampires: Empathic: May embody the strong emotions of those around them (IE, Sad person … Continue reading

Do vampires also have the same problems as others?

Print/PDF FriendlyWhat kind of problems you mean? I work a minimum wage job, so money problems I have Asthma, so running is a no I get horrid cramps and PMS uhm, I go to Uni and have to worry about Grades There are a few others, sensitive to sun, but so are gingers. Bright lights (sun, florescent lighting) bother me, but a lot of people with lighter pigment eyes are bothered by bright lights, I'm … Continue reading

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