How could I tell my friend that I think s/he might be a vampire without him/her thinking I'm crazy (if s/he turns out not to be one)?

Print/PDF FriendlyYou might start out by talking about the paranormal, if that's something that interests them, and gradually move towards vampires, and see what their responses are, how they feel about them, etc. At some point, mention you were looking on the web at a site about real vampires and that it was intriguing, and see what their responses are. If they give positive responses, maybe press on and say that you wonder if there … Continue reading

Do you ever visit anyone in their sleep?

Print/PDF FriendlyDo I, personally? No.  I'm sure tehre are some psychic vampires or energy manipulators who CAN visit someone in their sleep or dreams.  I believe they call this “dreamwalking”, although I might be wrong on the term.

Do you feel that people turn against you if and when they find out the truth?'

Print/PDF FriendlyIt quite often happens, particularly with people who don't understand and don't *want* to understand. It's dangerous in the workplace because supervisors can and will find ways to get rid of people they don't perceive as “fitting in” (Yes, it's potentially illegal, but they do it anyway.) Such information has been brought up in divorce cases by partners who don't like vampires/vampirism as proof that the vampiric partner is unfit as a spouse, or … Continue reading

How does a human recognize a vampire without being one?

Print/PDF FriendlyUnless you're able to read the energy given off to indicate a vampire, you can't. They have no physically distinguishing characteristics. Some may have pale skin, some may be tan, some may have fangs, and some may not. There is no one way to tell, and it's not best to go around looking for vampires anyway. Some individuals may not like being stalked.

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