Does blood have any type of benefits? Like does it have any protein, is it healthy in any way, how much is too much?

Print/PDF FriendlyQ: I am aware that there are different types of vampires and each have different ways of obtaining energy/source of supplement or what how ever you like to call it. Either it be for food or a kink; Obviously you have to be careful of where you get the blood from, but other than that does blood have any type of benefits? Like does it have any protein, is it healthy in any way, … Continue reading

What is the Thirst like?

Print/PDF FriendlyI wanted to provide an analogy of the Thirst. Imagine yourself in this position: It is a hot day, the sun driving to blistering heat. You are walking home after a long day sitting at your work’s booth at a local festival. You sat, boiling in the day’s heat, melting, as person after person walked by. You are hurrying to get a drink of water, which has been denied to you all day. Walking … Continue reading

Is it safe to still drink blood when pregnant?

Print/PDF FriendlyThere are several vampires who have continued to drink blood when pregnant without seeming to cause any ill effects to the child. However, you must be exceptionally diligent of assuring the cleanliness of your donors. Anything that can affect you can affect your baby as well.

Do different blood sources produce different experiences?

Print/PDF FriendlySomewhat. Different blood has different tastes since it is linked to what the donor eats or drinks. Some vamps prefer some types of blood over others. I have a section in my Vampire Guide, Tips & Advice on flavoring the blood; also things to avoid, such as some medicines, some herbs, etc.

Would you consider vampirism to be cannibalism?

Print/PDF FriendlyThough on the surface they appear to be related, vampirism is distinguished from cannibalism in several ways.  For one, vampires do not need to kill their “victims” (and we usually seek out willing donors, and do not attack “victims” or “prey”); cannibals nearly always do.  While a cannibal may also indulge in vampirism (ie., drinking human blood), it should be noted that vampires do not usually engage in cannibalism, or the eating of human … Continue reading

I am an awakened blood vamp and so far i have had to resort to drinking my own blood. but is it normal for me to get an extremely bad headache and the second the blood touches my tongue I'm feeling better than I was before I got my headache?

Print/PDF FriendlyJosh replied: “Well, I probably won't be much help because I'm also just an awakening vamp. But one of the symptoms of being a vampire was the migraine headaches, and drinking blood does feel good. I'm not quite sure if you're saying the headache goes away or not?” [I think that is the implication, here, Josh. — Sangi] That seems like awfully fast relief, but hey, if it gets rid of your migraine, more … Continue reading

Have you ever bit another man and drank his blood?

Print/PDF FriendlyBiting is actually the worst way to draw blood… very painful and unsanitary. If you're talking about same-sex feeding, it's not unusual. It's not a sexual practice (though it may have sexual overtones for some), so it doesn't generally matter what sex the vampire's donor is. Though many do prefer members of the opposite sex, we can't afford to be picky in a lot of instances.

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