Flying Fangs-First Into the Future

By Silek

Originally posted to the Message Forums (then hosted by ezBoard) as “The past has brought? What we can bring the future”, on 1 February, 2001.
I was looking at what I consider problems in the vampire subculture:

  1. Young (and old) fools who go around asking everyone wearing black to “turn” them
  2. Violent people who take advantage of the Vampire subculture in many ways. I.e., “Hunters”, stalkers, the criminally insane, yada yada
  3. Posers who get all the attention for being “real vampires”. (Oh, look at that real skinny guy dressed all up for the clubs! He must be a vampire!) The Ricky Lake Show comes to mind…
  4. Petty squabbles between different groups arguing over who gets to use the word vampire
  5. Widespread ignorance about vampirism

Well, all these things can be traced back to one thing: The combination between Mythological history and the Entertainment Industry.

The mythological history of vampirism throughout the years is for shit. Let’s face it, folks, there is no real scholarly history dealing with vampirism. There is only myth and what is built upon it. What is built upon it is always under attack. People have tried to show me that vampires were never portrayed as having long teeth until this time in the 1800s…that how certain diseases that recede the gumline could be attributed to that…and that the theory that vampires can die in the sunlight was only an adaptation in the movie “Nosferatu” in 1922. And that the idea that drained corpses was due to breakouts of diseases like consumption…and that breakouts of diseases like tuberculosis (TB) could explain vampire attacks…and how rabies got confused with vampirism at one time…and the term vampirism has also entered the psychiatric literature to explain pathologic behaviors similar to those of the mythical vampire, particularly ingestion of blood and necrophagic and cannibalistic activities…BLAH BLAH BLAH…

There is NO real scholarly history on any sort of vampirism. There are only theories and postulates and complete crap that was made up. It’s all a bunch of mashed up stuff that has been used by different people for their own uses and mixed up throughout the ages.

That alone is fine. All of history does that to people. Just look at some of the stuff that people are running around now doing…Native Americans are busy spending money trying to figure out what their ancestors really believed in because most people don’t know. Their ancestors got wiped out by disease and war. Mixed in their beliefs are badly translated facts and customs from other tribes. It’s not the average progression of history where customs and religion are changed over a long period of time; it’s a dead end. That is Mythological History. You can’t study it because for some reason or another it isn’t there…

So, fine, that would be OK if that happened to vampirism…Who cares?

Well, the Entertainment industry cares. Ever since the first rumors were spread of vampires to today’s shitty media coverage, vampirism has been a kicked around subject. In the Middle Ages, there are some cases where priests lied about vampires to get people into church and raise more money. Today every rag newspaper and movie shows whatever side of the vampire that will make them the most money.

So fine then, you say…WHO CARES? Who cares if the media and Entertainment industry wants to make some money off some old legends? Who cares if some morons wanna run around in search for stuff that doesn’t exist? After all, it doesn’t affect most people dealing with vampirism today, does it? Modern vampirism really doesn’t have much to do with the movies and all that crap; perhaps similar in some ways, yeah, but different enough where people will know the difference. I mean it’s something to laugh at. It is entertainment.

Well, a tide is turning, my friends, and you are in it.

There will be a point sometime soon when the old legends won’t be used anymore, because people will find out about modern Vampirism in all its forms.

Think about it. If so much trouble has arisen because of beliefs built upon mythological history what will happen when more people get involved in modern vampirism?

All the problems I listed before will be nothing compared to what will come in the future. There are already too many people out there getting hurt trying to get involved in fantasy and myth. What will happen when more and more people get involved in it for REAL? The so called “Buffy Complex” people out there are just fooling themselves. It’s the highest form of fun though. They are having a great time living out their fantasies in the real world.

But you gotta wonder, though…what will happen when those same people learn more and more about real vampirism. It’s one thing for a poser or a wannabe or a hunter to look for the incarnate evil of the undead; they will have a hard time finding it. But what happens when people find the same allure in modern Vampirism? As time goes on, modern vampirism ain’t so hard to find.

If people are getting into so much trouble trying to find something that isn’t there then what happens when they settle for what is there? That’s when a hunter or a wannabe will settle on bothering someone that posts in this message board forum. That’s when people get hurt.

Therefore, the whole point of this post is to remind everyone that this isn’t history. Vampirism, like it or not, is on the rise. So when the shit starts to hit the fan, and when the masses start to fall into that tide, you have to ask yourself a question: Did you make sure that you did your best to make the transition a smooth one? Pretty soon a lot more people are going to stop looking at Mythological History and Entertainment bullshit and look toward the real world. What did you do to make sure that the real world was secure? How can we stop people from making the wrong choices? That thought must be first and foremost on our minds.

This is the real world, like it or not — whether it be on the Internet or in our home towns. And eventually this world we created will become what people think of when they think “vampire”. Like it or not, we have a responsibility to make sure that name doesn’t carry the foolish notions or fantasy it does today. We have the opportunity to stop the bullshit here. Don’t friggin’ forget that.

This community needs to work together to make sure to remember that, in the future, people aren’t going to automatically equate Dracula with the word vampire; they are going to equate that word with you and the actions you take in life. Rid the problems of the future in the present.

Just a reminder…Little more than that, I suppose.

Silek contributed the article “Flying Fangs-First into the Future”.

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