Energy Flows & Tentacle Monsters

By Trollkvina

I have been hearing reports about WingedWolf for quite some time now, and up to now, to my shame, I have neglected to do anything much about them. Reading this post finally spurred me into some action and I am just sorry I did not do this before. Okay boys and girls, we are going back to some simple energy basics. For most of you this will be kids stuff. I am aiming it at the people that WingedWolf expects to “help” with her methods. I was pointed towards this page for an explanation by WingedWolf on her methods.

What we can see here is a diagram of her symbiote:

It probably looks very scary to most people. We see a glowing, many-tentacled thing and –oh my GOD — it is right above our heart! Certainly a prime candidate for the “gettitoff!” syndrome. That is quite a normal reaction. If you were to show a child his own entrails and then tell him that they lived inside him, you couldn’t blame the child if he were to react badly. This essentially is what WingedWolf is doing. She is showing you something that is inside all of us and trying to cause a panic over it. I apologize in advance for the size of this picture, but it is something I want you all to see clearly. This is a map of your energetic body:

What I want you to pay special attention to is the chakra point at the heart… just about at the point the symbiote is meant to be. Our heart chakra is extremely important for all of us, even more so perhaps in energy workers. It typically takes the form of a glowing mass with many roots leading to it, much as you can see on the energy flow diagram. It is at the core of our being, and usually at the point that people choose as a center to their being when doing energy manipulations, or grounding and shielding against attacks. I cannot stress just how vital a part of everyone this is, humans and vampires alike. What WingedWolf is proposing we do as a vampiric cure is nothing short of a removal of the heart chakra itself. I cannot even begin to imagine what made her believe that this would be a good idea, even less so to perform it on others. To remove the energetic core of a being is akin to removing someone’s heart as a cure for blood pressure difficulties. It isn’t just overkill, it is dangerous. After reading her page a few times to try and understand her reasonings, my head ended up swimming in disbelief.

For those of you who do not understand how energy works through the body, I can simplify it greatly. Imagine for a moment that you are a system of waterways and canals. No matter how muddy your canals might be, you have a flow that runs through your body in a balanced way. Energy workers tend to have better flows, but everyone has some degree of energetic movement. This is normal. What the removal of a central part of this system would do would be to pretty much cause a giant swirly of energy leakage, much like you would see if you emptied a bath. This void would grow and grow, eventually enveloping the entire being. If you thought that the person was vampiric before, imagine the pain that someone would have to endure on having their core ripped forcibly from them. Such people as these, I can try to heal, but it takes a long time to rebuild someone from the inside who has been so badly damaged. I can’t even begin to imagine the mental anguish that goes along with this.

What I would really urge people to do is think about what they are entering into if they decide to go for this “cure”. What are your motivations? What support have you been given for your condition? Are you even fully aware of who you are and what you can do by yourself to ease the pain of your vampirism? I have been a vampire all of my life. I don’t often poke my head out of the woodwork and tell people this, but I have been through all of the pain that cravings and frustration can bring. I can’t tell you that it will be easy for you all to live with because it is not, but going towards a false hope that will harm you intensely and worsen your energetic shortfall in the long term is not something I want you to consider. We have a few people in the community that could really go a long way towards helping you who are vampires, who live with the condition that WingedWolf claims to have been cured of. All of them without exception will tell you the same thing. It is not curable any more than the color of your skin is. It is a part of you and always will be. Any vampire that claims to have been cured in my opinion was never a vampire in the first place. The key to overcoming the pain is to grow strong and learn how to change things for yourself. It might not be ideal, but you would be surprised at how strong you could become if you gave yourself a chance.

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