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This section has problems pertaining to dealing with “everyday” (everynight?) things for vampires. It can get in a light vein, but I would prefer it to be mainly enlightening (jeez, can I quit with these day puns, already???) as to actual problems that vampires have to deal with on a day-to-day (aaarrrggghhh!!!) basis.  If you have a unique or unusual vampire-related problem or situation you’d like me to consider adding to the Problems Vampires Have section, send it in here.


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What is really rather annoying about being a sang is being too ashamed to admit it, let alone ask for a donor. Running over and over in your mind that these cravings and feelings could be something else, and maybe you’re just looking for something to make you “special”. What many fail to understand is that I wouldn’t wish this upon anybody. This will not make you special. This will make insane. A select few of my close friends know I am a sang, and have even offered to donate. But, thinking of morals, I’d refused. “No, I’d rather you not hurt yourself.” But this is indeed a form of torture, needing something that you cannot obtain simply from yourself. Resisting the urge to fall back on auto-vampirism, knowing it will do you no good. So, when you are just about crazy enough to accept the offer, it’s too late. The offer is no longer valid. In times such as these, you see nothing good about being a sang. You are always tired, maybe always hungry or thirsty, or the other way around. Honestly, it went both ways for me. No appetite for quite a while, which made the bloodlust (for lack of better word) far worse. And knowing that most people cannot accept exactly what you are, because of media vampires. Knowing that no matter how you explain it, you’ll sound like you need to be locked up somewhere.

Contributed by Jynx – Bad_Luck_Jynx  (at)

I have been in the process of awakening for quite some time now. I was never “dark” or gothic, but I’ve never been able to keep friends long, the reason often being when asked, “I bring them down.” I started getting cravings, often in the early morning hours, for something for which I could find nothing to sate; easily sunburned…you know. It’s been about 4 years now, and I didn’t understand the problem until about a year ago. It was a shock, mainly because I’d never really even thought about vampires prior to then, Hollywood or otherwise.

I think that upon learning of what was different about me, I realized the worst problem to be the loneliness. Unless you have friends who understand, or fellow vampires like yourself, the idea of having to hide it starts to sink in and take a toll. And with the new “let’s wear white makeup and claim to drink blood” fad (WHY?!), it becomes hard to not to stand up and cry, “I am a vampire, and you have NO IDEA what it’s like!” This aspect of my life hasn’t stopped me from being happy, I will say though. Most who read this know how it is; you wish you could open up, but that unfulfilled desire doesn’t ruin your life or anything.

And being 15 doesn’t help. It’s not fun regardless of age, but it’s worse to be in high school, when you’re already struggling with other problems. People hesitate to believe you, which normally isn’t a problem because, hey, it’s not like I’m going to go telling people. But when you’re looking for others like yourself, it’s frustrating to be dismissed as a silly teen or something.

Contributed by Alyssa

The first year of my awakening I was really sensitive to sunlight, and I had to wear my sunglasses in school (yeah they let me). One day I asked a teacher that didn’t know about my photosensitivity if I could close the blind by my table and put on my sunglasses, telling her the light bothered me.

She said to me, “What do you think you are, a vampire? We let you dress like you do and we respect that, and in your house you can live how you want, with all the lights off. But this isn’t your house, and you can’t expect us to adapt to the way you live at home, so don’t be so stupid.”

I explained to her that it’s true that the light bothers me. I said that I couldn’t read properly with so much brightness so I needed my sunglasses, but she just told me not to be so stupid again and didn’t believe me. So I said, “Fine, then I’ll just put my head in my arms and go to sleep,” and I did, lol.

A lot of teachers joke around with me about being a vampire and all. It was funny when one told me I looked like a vampire, and I said straight up that I was (not ‘literally’ of course), and he went quiet, forced a smile, and walked off.

Lamia Mephistopheles Wraithinez – xmephistophelesex (at)

I’m a seeker, not a vampire, but my homosexual friend is a vamp. One day he got a scratch on his nose, and I playfully licked off the ensuing blood.

Two weeks later, the Red Cross did a blood drive at our school, and I signed up to donate. At this point I should explain that the first time I’d tried to donate, I was too young, and the time after that I was too far under the weight minimum. So I really wanted to give something tangible to a good cause.

After I filled out their questionnaire, they got edgy over the place where I’d checked the “yes” box to the question, “Have you come into contact with someone else’s blood in the last six months?”

They were about to let me donate under a quarantined condition, but then they asked if my friend (I’d explained which blood I’d had) had had sex with another man at any time, ever. I had to say yes, and they had to say no because of the AIDS risk.

So be warned, kids! Know your friends, and if you’re a vamp, know your donor!

Contributed by JD

To talk truly about my problems I have to go back in time to when I awakened and found myself surrounded by family members who were themselves vampires.

I awakened at a very young age; I think it was the age of four or five (saying that now I am 22). I first found out about my family heritage from my grandfather, as he was the oldest in our family (all of us being vampires). He talked about when our family first came to this country, that being Northern Ireland. We came here during the Norman Invasion of Ireland. Living in this place gave my family great resources of blood and psychic emotions and feelings.

My problems really developed in Primary School (or Kindergarten and first grade, as it’s called in America). I couldn’t really stand the sun but it wasn’t that bad; I didn’t get headaches, just really bad sunburn. One day my teacher was helping me with some spellings and I don’t know what came over me. I bit her in the arm, which gave me a bad reputation through the school. As I got older and moved onto Secondary School (High School), it got worse. I had not told anybody what I was, seeing as none of my friends knew what I/we truly are. And I also did not need donors because my family owns a butcher shop, so blood was not on short supply. Also, I was not a goth so I was mostly called a freak because of my paleness (I’m more of a metaler-vampire). My girlfriend knew what I was. I made the mistake of bringing her to my house (imagine her face); she dumped me soon after.

When I hit my 19th birthday, I was allowed into my father’s… coven… well, for lack of better words, his clan. But that is basically it and what I really wrote here to say is that if you younglings or newly awakened want to talk to me, I will gladly help you through your problems.

You can either email me at minford (at) or add me on MSN with the same name.

Contibuted by Legardored

OK, you want a problem? Here’s a problem: THE GOD DAMN F*CKING ROLE-PLAYERS!!!!!! I CAN’T STAND THEM!!!!!!!! I told one of my close friends today (very seriously) that I am a psi-sang vampyre. She grinned at me and went, “Oh, that’s cool.” So I’m thinking, Hey, cool, someone besides (friend who shall remain nameless) understands! And then the newly told friend goes, “I’m a vampyre too.” Now I’m thinking: Um…

Then she starts in on this spiel about how she’s a vamp, and sounding very fake, using RPG language, and my belief (already very weak) is growing dimmer by the second. Then she goes: “What house are you in?” or some other f*cking stupid question, and I was about to say none of them, and then she said she belonged to some fake RPG house (I think it was Ventrue) and says that oh, she’s immortal, and can fly, and that she contacts the dead, some junk about a dead vamp that “lives” inside her, on and on and on.

I screamed at her and yelled at her that this was not a big joke, that I am not a RP’er, that real vampyres actually exist, and that RP’ers drive me f*cking INSANE, and a whole bunch of other stuff, and I finished with this big telling-off about she and the other RP’ers have no idea what they’re getting themselves into, and how stupid those games are, and how it is NOT glamorous or romantic or amazing or whatever to be a vampyre, and how she’s lucky she didn’t get herself into trouble with some real vamps before I told her off, and…


screams loudly and attacks nearest pillow and/or punching bag, then goes on an hour-long rant

Contributed by The Morbid Rose

I’m 17 and awakening in high school. Nobody knows about me. My friend brought up vampyres when we were alone one night, and I almost told him, but then he mentioned that he wanted to find one, so he could be turned. I was scared he was just talking, that it would really freak him out if he knew about me. But I was even more scared that he would beg me to turn him!

Contributed by Sam

I myself am not a vampire, at least I don’t think so anyway, but my fiancée is. He is a Psi-vamp which is perfectly fine with me except that he sucks the energy out of me faster than I can replenish it. Most of the time I don’t think he even realizes what he is doing. In fact, I think it may be some sort of sub-conscious feeding on his part because I feel the worst effects of it when I wake up in the morning. No matter how good of sleep I seem to have had I wake up next to him every morning feeling like I have just been hit by a train. I have even had to reduce my working hours as a result.

When I am gone someplace like out with friends or to visit my mom I do gain a lot of my energy level back but when I get back home and my fiancée is there with me I can literally feel the physical and emotional energy (well I call it that for lack of a better word but it’s really feels more like my life itself) drained right out of me.

He feels so bad but I honestly don’t think he knows how to control it, besides trying to hang out at some busy places like the mall for awhile before I come home.

From The Vampire’s Bride, tiffanywieland (at)

My main problem is my vampiric nature itself. I am 23 and have been conscious of my nature since I was 15.

While at university, I met a guy who completely stole my heart. From very early on in the relationship I knew he was something special so I was open and honest about the vampiric side of my life and for a time he was even a donor to me. I thought I’d found the perfect match. As it turns out he didn’t take me completely seriously and assumed it was all some blood play sex game. So that stopped after a while. I didn’t mind, I wasn’t going to force the one I loved into anything he didn’t want and by that time I was adept at psi feeding and our close connection made it child’s play to feed every night.

As the years wore on I we talked less and less about it. My symptoms however became more pronounced as I matured as a vampire (I was about 5 years awake at this point), the need to feed was always strong, I developed empathetic tendencies and could bring down, or be brought down by, a room just by entering it and I became reclusive and depressed and suffered migraines in times of stress and exposure to the sun and heat, at far lower levels that would affect a non-vampire. This was my darkest hour and it coincided with moving into a flat with my love and trying to establish a life together properly. It did not go well. We split and we saw different people for the next 8 months or so while still seeing each other. I just couldn’t let him go completely and it was my vampiric nature that just wouldn’t give up. It was at this time he started to express opinions along the line of “I think your beliefs in vampirism are a symptom of mental illness”. Luckily I had a good network of friends and a donor who supported me through these accusations. But I loved him and I just stopped talking about it, stopped indulging in the outward signs of vampirism but continually fed from him as we lay beside each other at night as we considered getting back together.

But I reached a breaking point and I had to admit to still feeling vampiric and not wanting to leave it behind. This caused another split and his insistence that I get psychological counseling. A few weeks after the split I agreed and started to go. By this point I was curious myself. I was open and honest about myself with the counselor and she actually turned around and said, “I don’t think you’re suffering from mental problems”, and our sessions were in spring, and it was a hot one so I was not at my best. I turned down more in-depth treatment because I’d found out what I wanted. That I was a healthy, stable vampire under attack for something I was honest about from the start. So we parted ways more forcefully and I threw myself out into the vampire scene in London. A meet up group (not real vampires though the organizers do run one) was where I met a gentleman who was everything I could have wanted, long hair, feminine, very intelligent and magnetically gothic. A true man of wealth and taste. We kissed and he gave me a lift home. A week later I had fallen into his life but even now I wasn’t comfortable. He took me beyond anything I’d experienced before, both sexually and recreationally and our time together was exciting. As I tried to explain my nature to him he was dismissive but kind. Very kind, and comforting and desperate to take care for me. This desire to keep me as a lap cat began to grate on my nerves, I am a strong independent lady and I attribute a lot of that confidence to my vampiric side.

But my feelings for my love have endured and I’ve been forced to break off my attachment to my gentleman as I’m still so in love with my love. I can’t escape the need to be with him. He brings out all my vampire passion and I would fight for him and protect him above my own life. I am regularly overcome with the desire to devour him simply by the scent of his neck. He is my other half. But in order to be with him I needed to say the words “I am not a vampire”. This simple sentence was so hard and I felt I’d betrayed my true self.

But if he can’t understand what I am, maybe he is best off not knowing and I, like so many of us will live forever half in the shadows, concealing my real nature from those who cannot understand it and so are afraid of it. It’s just such a shame when you love someone so much it overrides this truth, because I cannot survive without him.

Thank you for listening.

Contributed by VZ

Greetings from Portugal. Well, first of all I want to say that I want to thank the website for the truthful information available and that it is one of my favorite vampirism websites.

[Sangi note: You’re welcome!]

Now, I’ll talk about my problems. I had problems in the school because one guy discovered that I’m a psi-vamp and he tried to kill me in front of everyone. My luck was that a friend of mine protected me. Whatever… it is past. Now I’ve a different mentality and I don’t say to anyone what I am.

Another problem: I feel more weak during the day than during the night. I don’t know if it happens with some of you or if it is just me. I’ve a problem with clarity and sometimes I really feel blind. It’s a awful sensation. It’s hard to explain. I suffer of anxiety and insomnia… I don’t know if there are some vampires out there with the same problems.

I knew years ago one girl from Lisbon that is psi-sang vamp and she helped me a lot in the awakening. Unfortunately, I lost her contact… so, feel free to write / add me:

Contributed by Luís Coutinho

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I’m the founder/creator/page slave of I’m in my early-to-mid 40s. I have 2 special kitties and a good man. More info later. See my website, Sangi’s Corner, for more about me.
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