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I know just like humans, there are good vampires and there are bad vampires. Then there are some really twisted vampires! There was a segment about vampires I believe it was on the History channel couple of years ago about vampires. The history, folk tales, legends, the culture, the different type of vampires and so on. There was one part were it was talking about a women who was a reporter, I don’t remember where but I think it was either Paris or London? Anyways, She wanted to do research about the disappearance of another reporter (think she was also a friend?) who was doing research on the sub culture of vampires for an article in the news paper that she worked for. She went to under ground clubs and parties, chatted in different chat groups on line, until she found one man that to her seemed like the real deal. He told her through email that he was like a hundred years old, immortal, and lived off the blood of others. Of course she was not sure what to think, either he was a real deal vampire or just some crazy guy? So she sent up an interview with him alone (smart right?) I don’t remember very well the rest of the story, but my point and question is. Are there really people/vampires who believe that they are old as they say they are an immortal, are there vampires who kill people for blood, have there been other occurrences in history where a person has disappeared and never heard of again because of vampires?

Any articles, informational sites, books or what have you would be helpful. I am doing this so that I may make a post about it on Facebook, please feel free to send me any knowledge of this subject that you know.

Please and thank you.

From Sanguinarius:

The incident Cheshire ghost is thinking of involves the disappearance of Susan Walsh, a reporter who was investigating the vampyre lifestyle/club scene in New York City.  She disappeared and has not been seen or heard from since.  There has been some controversy over this, as there is no definitive proof that she ran afoul of a vampire or vampires (or vampyres); she was also investigating a number of other stories, including the Russian Mob.

On to the next lady: Katherine Ramsland is a psychologist who decided to investigate the disappearance of Susan Walsh.  She wrote a book, Piercing the Darkness Undercover with Vampires in America Today, purportedly about her experiences in the vampyre scene while searching for the missing lady.  One of the vampires/vampyres she met and talked with (I believe he called himself “Wraith”), had her meeting him way out in the woods alone at night or something similar; Katherine Ramsland survived and wrote her book (and a number of other ones, as well).

There are some individuals who do believe themselves to be immortal, but most, when pressed, specify that is their “soul-age” rather than their physical age; a few delusional types do believe that they are physically immortal.

There are and have been instances of mentally disturbed people killing others for their blood (either during the practice of cannibalism or straight-up vampirism), but this is by far NOT the norm for the vampire community.  (See “The Black Veil” and “The Vampiric Ethos” for examples of codified ethics which a great many of us have adopted or adhere to.)

You may be interested in the case of Rod Ferrell, which occurred in Murray, Kentucky, back in 1996.  He was the self-appointed head of a “clan” of “real” vampires (this is a classic case of RPGing going to far) — who claimed he was a 500-year-old vampire named Vesago.  The group played Vampire: The Masquerade and drank each others’ blood.  To make a long story short (and there’s plenty of information about this whole thing on the web), Rod Ferrell bludgeoned his girlfriend’s parents to death in cold blood with a tire iron, stole their car and he, his girlfriend (Heather Wendorf) and a couple others, also in the “clan,” headed off toward New Orleans.  The crime was not specifically vampire-related, but it received a lot of attention in the media as the Vampire Clan of Kentucky.  They were caught fairly quickly and Ferrell was sentenced to death; his sentence was later commuted to life-imprisonment without the chance of parole. I believe he had the notorious distinction of being the youngest person ever on Death Row. The others in his clan received prison sentences of varying lengths.

Some Additional Info:

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