What Every Blood Drinker Should Know

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Offsite article What Every Blood Drinker Should Know, by Ravena. Discusses a dangerous myth about HIV that every blood drinker should be aware of and take the necessary precautions against.

Ravena Lee of Lost Haven resides in Canada. She has been involved in the vampire community in an online capacity since 2001 and has written several articles on real vampirism, most of which have a focus on health and safety issues. She was a channel operator for #Sanguinarius, a vampire support channel linked with Sanguinarius.org, and is an advocate for safe and sane practices within the community. She loves reading and writing and has an avid interest in dreams and dream work, astrology, energy work, and various occult topics.

Ravena contributed the articles “Fighting Misinformation”, “Blood: How Much is Too Much?”, “Tips for Donors”, “Enabling in the Vampire Community”, and “Choosing an Working with Donors”. Also, for more information and some useful links, be sure to read Ravena’s article, “What Every Blood Drinker Should Know”, on her site.

Website: Darker Than Thou.

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