Fire Cupping Technique for Blood Feeding

By The Vampyre Psykic

Author’s Note: I have a rather embarrassing confession to make about the following article. When I was told about this method, I felt it was implied that the person who explained it to me had tried it successfully, and later I came across another person familiar with this method of extracting blood. But looking back on all this later, I realized that neither person had actually told me that they’d had a successful trial with this method. I must admit that I made the mistake of writing and publishing this article before I had actually tested the techniques described within it. After doing so, I’ve found that in my personal experience it produces little to no success. I blame no one but myself for this error; I know I should have tested the method first, and I know it was very irresponsible to publish an article before doing so.. I do apologize to all those reading this, and I feel it’s my responsibility to take blame for my own actions, rather then having this article taken down and trying to pretend it never existed. I have recently come across someone who reported a very limited amount of success with this technique (though not nearly as much as the article would imply) and that’s why I’ve chosen to leave this article here. If anyone else chooses to experiment with this technique and manages to find a way to make it successful, please contact me at and I’ll update this article with the new more effective technique, with credit given to the person who discovered it. However, at this time, I don’t feel that I can recommend this technique as an effective method of blood extraction. And I apologize again for my mistake.

A while back I learned of a very effective technique for extracting blood that is completely sterile, leaves no scars, and when done properly, should be very nearly painless.

The things you need to perform this technique are as follows:

  • First and foremost, you need sanity and presence of mind. This method is very safe and effective if you know what you’re doing, but there are substantial risks if you behave foolishly, I’ll point them out as I go along. Make sure you read and understand all directions before you begin.
  • Sterile lancets or some reasonable equivalent. I find that lancets are best as they’re a sterile tool meant specifically to draw blood with a minimum of pain and scarring.
  • Chinese fire cups or some reasonable equivalent. Okay, I know most people reading haven’t heard of these. Chinese fire cups are small, thick-walled, glass cups shaped more or less like fish bowls. They’re used to stimulate acupressure points using suction. Now if you don’t have these and don’t want to buy them (they usually go for only 3 or 4 dollars a piece online) you can easily find something else to use; though there are certain qualities you need to look for. Firstly, you need to look for something strong enough to endure a good amount of pressure; secondly, you need something that can endure a bit of heat; thirdly, you need to make sure that the opening of the rim is smooth and without jags or sharp points; fourthly, you should try to get something that is more or less fishbowl-shaped. I’ve heard that shot glasses and the glass candle holders that some candles come in can be effective. I’ll explain why on all of these things later.
  • Alcohol. Preferably rubbing alcohol. It’ll be used in the normal way of sterilization, plus something that’ll probably be new to you.

To prepare you should clean and sterilize the area you intend to draw blood from. You can use the alcohol, but if you really want it to be as painless as possible, you can use Bactine instead. And in case it’s not already very obvious you should have already had your donors’ blood tested by this point.

Now to actually begin the process. Make a small cluster of lancet punctures in the area you just sterilized, the cluster should be smaller then the mouth of the cup you’ll be using later on. Also be cautious not to make the punctures too close together or it could damage the skin more than necessary when the next step comes.

Once you have a small grouping of lancet pricks, gather together your fire cup, alcohol and a match or lighter. Pour a small amount (about half a cap-full should be fine) into the fire cup. Swirl the alcohol around inside the cup to make sure it coats the inside surface. When the inside of the fire cup has been coated with alcohol, use the match or lighter to ignite the alcohol, and then while it’s still flaming, immediately place it over the lancet punctures. The fire will instantly go out, but in the process it’ll use up the air inside the container, resulting in a powerful suction.

CAUTION: There are a number of risks of doing the previous step incorrectly. I’d like to quickly go through them to make sure you understand the risks fully.

  1. If you leave the fire cup flaming for too long before putting it on the skin, the glass will heat up and you can potentially burn your donor very badly. Remember that once you place the rim onto the person’s skin, the suction will hold it very tightly and it will be difficult to remove. If the rim is hot enough to harm them, it will probably burn their skin for several seconds before you’re able to remove it. Remember that once you light the alcohol you have about 4 seconds at most to place it over their skin before the glass heats up.
  2. If the glass of the cup is too thin to withstand the suction, the glass may shatter, and the suction will most likely propel the fragments of broken glass deeply into your donors’ skin. Make sure that the glass is thick enough and strong enough to withstand the suction.
  3. If the rim of the cup is sharp or jagged in any way, it will most likely cut into your donors’ skin, and as I said above, once the suction has been created, it’s rather difficult to get the cup off. So be certain that the rim of the cup is smooth and without jags or sharp edges.
  4. If you need to get the fire cup off before the blood helps to equalize the pressure, push down on the skin right next to the rim while pulling up on the cup. This is also the technique you should use when you practice without drawing blood.
  5. To ensure that you know what you’re doing, I find it’s best to practice the technique on yourself a few times, except without making punctures with the lancets.

After placing the cup over the lancet punctures, the suction will draw out the blood, and the few remaining drops of alcohol could serve to keep the blood flowing a bit longer than it normally would. After a little while the cup will fill up partially and that’ll make it a bit easier to release the suction, as the blood has partially equalized the pressure. You probably shouldn’t let the cup fill up enough to the point that it completely falls off of the donor, just because it can get messy and you may spill all of the blood you’ve worked so hard to collect. I can’t give exact times or exact amounts of blood. Those things depend on how quickly your donors’ blood clots, how strong the suction is, and the shape of the cup being used, plus there are probably a few unknown factors, as with anything. Once the cup is filled enough that the suction is beginning to weaken, simply remove from the donor, clean the punctures you left, and enjoy the blood now conveniently filling your cup.

The Vampyre Psykic runs a Southern California business called Psykic Fangs making custom acrylic teeth and fangs. He contributed the articles “Neovampyrism”, “Fire Cupping Technique for Blood Feeding”, “A Meditation for Spiritual Cleansing”, “Alternative Methods for Psychic Self-Defense”, “Dealing with Inflammatory Letters”, and “The Effects of Extended Non-Feeding”.

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