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This is the index of sites which are hosted on Currently, we do not publicly offer to host sites, and these are hosted by special arrangement with Sanguinarius. Sanguinarius may, at some point in the future, offer some sort of limited hosting for real vampire or otherkin/therian sites.

Sites on

A Theory On Real Vampirism (Reloaded) – It’s back! Sasha’s back! And she’s got her site up.

Investigation and Research Into Sanguinarians – (Formerly Echoes of Night.) Sarasvati Faolchu’s page of articles and info focusing on and researching sanguinarian vampirism.

PsykicFangs Website – The Vampyre Psykic’s custom, acrylic vampire fangs is (are?) based in Southern California and also available by mail-order.

Sangi’s Corner – This is Sanguinarius’s personal page, with various bits of creativity, writings, humor, insane rants, pictures of her cats, good causes she supports, html codes & other useful info, and more.

#Sanguinarius IRC Channel Homepage – Official Site of the IRC channel #Sanguinarius, the longest-running support and community channel for real vampires, otherkin, therians and donors. Chat now using Mibbit, download cool .wav files, and veg out with other vampires.

Scarlet Moon – (pending completion) This will be Hirudo’s site, who is a sanguinarian, or blood feeder, with information on feeding, safety, supplies, and more. She lives in the UK and has operated a major Scarlet Moon site in the past.

Tucson Area Vampire and Otherkin Community Website – (“TAVOC”) The official website for the Tucson, Arizona vampire and otherkin community. Real vampires, otherkin, therians and donors meeting, building friendships, and having fun in and around Tucson, AZ.

Vampiric People’s Resource Page and Blood Drinkers’ Resource Page – Amy Krieytaz’s vampire resource pages. (Pages are up for adoption by a dedicated individual who is willing to update and maintain them — please contact me.

In order to qualify for hosting on, sites must deal with real vampires and vampirism, blood, blood drinking or bloodletting; donors; otherkin or therians; or offer a vampire-, donor-, otherkin-, or therian-related product or service. Sanguinarius will not host sites that are: not vampire/otherkin/therian/donor-related, roleplaying, drugs, pornography, warez, hunter/slayer, hateful or racist, illegal, or anything else that I deem objectionable or that is in violation of my webhost’s Terms of Service. If in doubt, run it by me first.

(Currently not accepting any new host-ees. It’s a bit of a mess, and I need to figure everything out after the transfer and migration and and and….*flops over*)


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