What do you mean by “the need”, “the hunger”, and “the thirst”?

I usually differentiate these as different sensations of the same thing, the feeling of needing to drink blood. If I refer to it as a “need”, then I mean that I am feeling it throughout my whole body, as a kind of unfocussed sensation of needing … something, anything, to satisfy it. If I say “hunger”, I mean that I am feeling the need focussed in my stomach, and if I say “thirst”, then it's manifesting as thirst. Pretty elementary stuff, here.

OK, I'll try to get this out so that it makes some sense… When I feel the general need, and the thirst, for blood, that's when 'll vamp out; if I feel it as a general need and a hunger, — and it's worse than regular hunger, — a lot more intense, and sometimes my stomach will cramp up (unless I keep something in it, and then it's tolerable), or if I feel it as a need and a thirst, then I'll get pretty vampy; if I experience the need and thirst and hunger all at once, then watch out, because that will make me vamp out. (And if I'm vamping out really bad, I'm positively beastly, hence the term “the beast”, because I'm basically a thinking (?) beast on the prowl for fresh blood.

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