What can you tell me about the Temple of the Vampire?

Some say it's a cult just out to get your money, but there are those who are pretty seriously into it and it's beliefs and tenets. They are pretty exclusive and standoffish. I haven't had an BAD experiences with them, but the members I've run across have had a supercilious, vampier-than-thou attitudes and just kind of felt…icky. They feel that anyone who isn't a Vampire is pretty much cattle to feed upon (psychic feeding, not sang feeding, of course), and anyone who isn't a member of their organization isn't a true Vampire…So basically, everyone is fair game.

They worship the “Undead Gods”, which from what I can tell, are vampiric archetypes (ideal entities for those with a predatory nature to pattern after and aspire to), and have their own Vampire Bible, set of rituals, etc. I believe it's the only vampiric religion officially registered with the government.

A fellow who goes by the name of Nemo (though that might be his title, not a name) heads it, or used to; probably still does.

Beyond that, I don't know much. They're a hard-to-get-to-know bunch and don't interact much with the rest of the community, at least not on an organizational basis.

An Authorized Public Representative of the ToV contacted me with the following information:

The most easily accessible public source of information is Our website, which can be found at www.vampiretemple.com and is the only internet-based source of information regarding Our religion.


To clear up a couple of points raised in your words:


Yes, We are an elitist group, and such is ipso facto certainly not for everyone.


Yes, We do consider everyone else to be “fair game” for Lifeforce Vampirism. You are also quite correct that the drinking of physical blood is neither practiced nor permitted within Our organisation.


The Undead Gods are the Advanced Members of this religion Who are no longer solely restricted to Their physical bodies. This is the goal with which the Temple assists those who are willing to make the required effort and also abide by Temple Law; see www.vampiretemple.com/law.html for further details.


Nemo is an administrator for the Temple, and is one of several.


Feel free to contact administration@vampiretemple.com if you have any further questions.



Adept Linguascelesta

Authorised Public Representative

Temple of the Vampire


If anyone else who reads this is a member, feel free to contact me with more info, clarifications, corrections, etc. (See my Contact page.)

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More info later.

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