What are the different types/species of vampires?

If you're meaning real vampires, then there's basically just the sanguinarians (not “sanguinarius” — that's my name and the name of my website/org), who are the blood-feeders, and the psychic vampires, who are feed on psi-energy, chi, lifeforce or whatever one wants to call it. The psi-feeders can be broken down into “sub-types” of a sort, based on their preferred method of feeding; a few of these are psi, elemental, sexual, etc.

The psychic vampire is really a general category referring to those who feed non-physically on energy, as I mentioned above. Elemental feeders generally tend to feed from such things as energy generated by storms and other elements. “Sexual vampires” generally feed from the energy generated during sexual interaction.

There's a bit of controversy about who is and is not a “sexual vampire”, but all I have to say is that it is quite normal for somebody to be “buzzed” after sexual activity, and somebody else to be tired out after it; this does not necessarily mean that there is any sexual (or any other kind of) vampirism going on.

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