What about drinking my own blood?

That is not a good idea, tempting though it may be. It simply will not benefit you. It may temporarily stave off the thirst, and make your tongue happy, but it gives you no benefit. — Whatever it is that you need is not in your blood. Besides that, you receive no net gain, and your circulatory system will lose what you take out of it, as blood. It also sets a precedent: you do it once, and the next time you do it easier, or sooner. And before you know it, you have developed the very unhealthy practice of relying on your own blood, something that is all too easy to have happen — after all, it is readily available and the source (you) is willing… I know the temptation is there, and it may become very intense at times, but fight it. Do not give in. — You need to build strength in this area, and develop resistance to such bloody temptations. Do not let it control you, — that is the first step on your way to destruction if you let it control you.

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