so all a real vampire is jus a regular person who has blood cravings that's it, well disapointed and all I can smell blood others blood I like the metalish taste I could drink it want it or not I could jus say oh I'm a vampire anyone can jus drink the blood n say oh I'm a vampire now yet there's posers that do this I don't get it I've read many sites nothings helpi ng me not even you the "real vampire" if ur born inly to be a vampire then how can u turn someone they eat ur blood then all the sudden they r a vampire a regular person still the same jus want blood haha that's stupid I believe there's more your not telling…. id be a freaking vampire then (but I can only wish now couldn't I)

I can only answer what I can decifer, my appologies but the sentence and grammerical structure doesn't quite create “real” language…

1. Correct-ish. A vampires is a regular person with the need to consume blood. Not getting blood can cause tiredness, illness, PAIN. It's not pleasant. Not all vampires consume blood though. There are psychic vampries of all times

Psychic Vampires:

Empathic: May embody the strong emotions of those around them (IE, Sad person makes vampires sad) but the strong emotions also have the most energy in them, so this vampire may feed off that. Preferably with an indevidual's consent, but it is a hard one to control.

Pranic/Sexual: Feeds off sexual energy, enough said? Usually fun for both parties.

Psy: Feeds of “life force energy” of willing donors, usually will cause donor to feel pretty tired and faint.

Nature Oriented: Feeds of things like Thunder Storms and strong natural anomolies. I've not met this type of vampire, only heard of them.

But yeah, all types of psychic vampires.

Anyone can say “Oh, I'm a vampire.” But whether or not it's true….

Anyway, you can like blood and drink blood and not be a vampire. Drinking blood is often encorperated as a sexual act in many fetish and kink communities. So people can definitely like it and not be a vampire.

If you're eating blood, something is wrong. I've never had blood I could chew, is it curdled? that's not healthy! I've drank blood however, and yes, the further I get down your thing the less seriously I'm taking this so I have to make my comments taking the piss out of this.

Anyway. Someone can “eat” your blood or vise versa, doesn't mean they're a vampire, doesn't mean you're a vampire. If someone claiming to be a vampire drinks your blood, it won't turn you. If you drink a vampires blood, it won't turn you. You can't get turned. There are no turning. Turning doesn't happen.

Anyway, I always love a good conspiracy theory, what is it that you think is known but is not being made public knowledge? A lot of people in the vampire community are putting themselves and their knowledge out there so people will be less ignorant. But there are so many things that WE DON'T KNOW. It's not that we aren't telling people things just to be dicks, we don't know. We're learning and we'll know before you do. If we choose to share, we will, but in the end, it isn't anyone else's business.

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More info later.

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