Is there any vampire that is willing to turn a human into a vampire?

Well, I’m sure there are probably a few who would be willing if they were able to turn someone, but one must be born a vampire and will generally awaken sometime in his or her teens; sometimes earlier, and sometimes later (and I have little doubt, sometimes never).  Being unawakened is called being a “latent vampire”.  Most vampires, however, would not turn or awaken someone if they could because being a vampire is nothing like it is portrayed in vampire books, movies and pop-culture.  And, oh, yeah, folklore, too.

If somebody claims they can turn you, or offers to — no matter how convincing they may seem — is lying to you or trying to manipulate or lure you for whatever reasons of their own.  I would be extremely leery of such people; they are NOT interested in your best interests. Can we say “ulterior motives”, kiddies?

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