Is it true that vamps hate things such as crosses and garlic, or that crosses burn vamps?

Most definitely not. There are just about as many Christian vamps as there are pagan ones. For crosses to burn a vampire, the vamp would have to be a product of Satan, and I think any amount of time spent researching our community can show that we're not affiliated with anything demonic. 😉

I will say, though, that there are people who are allergic to certain metals that can be found in crosses. But then, they'd be allergic to the metal, not the cross itlself.

As far as garlic is concerned, some people just really don't like the smell, and more than a few vamps have reported having heightened senses, including a sense of smell. If you could smell garlic better than the average person, you'd probably avoid it like the plague, too.  Also, it's possible that someone is allergic to garlic, but it isn't because the are a vampire.

On the other hand, many vampires report actually LIKING garlic (so long as the smell isn't too strong).

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