How does drinking blood affect you?

It is a very driving need and takes a great deal of resistance to overcome the desire / craving / urge / lust / need / pull / demand / thirst / hunger / addiction / want. When I feed, I am very focussed on only that; it is not my main concern, it's my only concern. The taste is beyond delightful. It alleviates the thirst, the need. It gives a sense of peace, of well-being, of euphoria, of relaxation and energization at the same time. — I don't know how to explain that, but if you're one who has experienced it, you'll know what I mean. It's akin to being drunk almost, but different. Drunk, without the sluggish clumsiness of enebriation. You could take on the world. I sleep like a baby afterwards. As for what I'm thinking during feeding, not much. I'm focussed on the feeding, almost entirely, wanting more, wishing it were gushing down my throat…frustrated if it's not; focussed on the taste, on the relieving feeling….

Um, I'm going to quit this now, because it's starting to get to me.

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