When did you realize that you were a real vampire?

Print/PDF FriendlyIn my teens. I've always had an interest in and affinity for vampires, but in my mid-teens, I had extensive dental work done. This involved pulling 4 teeth out during the same appointment. I bled quite a lot and swallowed quite a lot and it made me feel great. I'd tasted blood before that and liked it, but this was something else.

Are you this pretentious in person?

Print/PDF FriendlyMe? Pretentious? I'm not pretentious, at least not as far as I know. I try not to be. I'm really just this big goofball that everyone looks at with a kind of awe because of my page and expects me to shoot lightning bolts out of my arse. But I don't. (It would be cool if I could — then I could get a job as a carnival side show freak and be the … Continue reading

Why don't you want to email me back?

Print/PDF FriendlyIt's not that I don't want to, or won't, it's that I cannot afford to, time-wise. I am truly sorry, but I have so very much to do. I have next to no time left over to spend on emails, and I get a lot of them. Maybe someday, I can afford to hire a secretary or someone to help on the page… If you are wanting to talk to someone, then please feel … Continue reading

Where are you from (country, town)? Do you speak only English?

Print/PDF FriendlyI am in Green Valley, near Tucson, Arizona, in the USA, though I am from Kansas City, Missouri.  I only speak English, unfortunately, but there are online translation tools you can use to translate most if not all of the site into your language. One that I know of is Google Translate.  Another one is Yahoo's Babel Fish. I'm working on getting some volunteers to translate parts of my website into other languages.  It's … Continue reading

Are you affiliated with any other organization?

Print/PDF FriendlyI own, operate, and maintain the following: Sanguinarius.org for Real Vampires / Sanguinarius: The Vampire Support Page, The Vampiric Community Message & Support Board, The Vam-Personals, #Sanguinarius, and the Vampire-Discussion eList at Yahoo Groups. Currently, I am a member of the VVC, or Voices of the Vampire Community. A number of years ago, I was a member of COVICA, or the Council of Vampyric International Community Affairs, though I resigned; also I think I … Continue reading

Are you really a vampire?

Print/PDF FriendlyYes. But now you have to ask “What is a vampire?” (see “Define what you mean by a 'vampire'; / What makes a 'vampire'? etc…”). I do not claim to be supernatural, superhuman, or undead, immortal or powerful; I'm not. I'm not extraordinary. I'm just a person who happens to have a need, strong craving, or however you want to say it, for blood, as well as some other vampiric characteristics. Such things as … Continue reading

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