Can a vampire be a donor for a different vampire?

Print/PDF FriendlyThey can, but it's really pretty self-defeating, so it's not advised. The reason you're feeding is to consume energy, so if you're taking energy from someone who is also energy-deficient, well, it's like filling a leaky bucket with another leaky bucket. The one you're feeding from is going to have even less energy than they did. Overall it's unfair to the vamp you're feeding from, since they'll need to go and replentish even more … Continue reading

How often can you bleed a donor?

Print/PDF FriendlyFor etiquette and healing purposes it is best to put as much time between feedings as possible. It takes an average of two weeks for any skin wound to heal under normal conditions, and this is the best timeline to follow when able.

I can't find a donor and I am starting to panic, what should I do?

Print/PDF FriendlyIf you are having trouble finding a donor in your area then don't panic. Remain calm for the time being and if you need to use the many different recommended blood supplements on this website, as well as SphynxCat's and others, then do so, as many supplemental methods work very well in staving off the hunger. Then, if at all possible, make use of the Vampire/Donor Directory to find a donor in your area … Continue reading

What are ways that a person, who is a donor, can also protect themselves, if necessary, from unwilling attacks by psychic/emotional vampires? What rights do donors have? Can more information be given for donors in reference to their vampiric interactions?

Print/PDF FriendlyOkay, I'll take this question apart and answer these one at a time. A donor can protect themselves the same way all other people can, and that is by knowledge and by learning proper shielding techniques. What rights do donors have? Please be sure to read SphynxCat's Tips for Donors by Ravena Lee, as well as additional articles on donorship on that site, as well as the articles here on Sanguinarius and on the … Continue reading

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