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Contacting Sanguinarius & Submitting Materials

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Sanguinarius has chosen to provide support through the Vampiric Community Message (& Support) Board, live chat (see below), and the FAQs, rather than via individual email. In this way, I believe that the whole community benefits from the answers given by being shared with the vampire community. It also helps me to save time, minimizing repeated questions about the same subject.

The best way to get a hold of me is in IRC on the server, in channel (chat room) #Sanguinarius. The channel's home page is here. I have a java chat that connects to #Sanguinarius from the web for those who don't have an IRC client installed; just follow the links to the chat room (and read the rules before you go in!).

Due to failing health, and increased workload, and change in lifestyle, I rarely check my email accounts unless I'm looking for something specific. Due to massive amounts of spam AND the time it takes to delete them (even with Mailwasher), I rarely use any of the accounts.

If you are wanting to submit materials to, scroll down to "Contact Sanguinarius about..." or click here to jump down to it.


Before you contact Sanguinarius, please take the time to explore Most of what I know, I have included on the site. Check the FAQs and the Vampiric Community Message Board for answers to your question. Chances are, the asnwer to your question is somewhere on these pages.

"Will you turn me into vampire? / Awaken me / Point me to someone who will?"
No, I won't "turn" or awaken you. I won't point you to anyone who will, either. No, it doesn't matter how much you beg, grovel, plead, offer to be my personal slave, send pseudo-Victorian speak or whine about how your life sucks and nobody understands you and how being a vampire would make it so much better or any other reason you can come up with. The answer is still NO.

If you send me email to ask me this anyway, I will ignore it. :P

"Can you tell me if I'm a vampire / Can I get a second opinion?"
No. I don't care what -- or how many -- "symptoms" you have or how likely they seem to be, no I won't tell you, no matter what you send me in the feedback. If you're smart enough to ask, you're smart enough to have the doctor run some tests to make sure there's no other cause behind your symptoms -- you don't need to mention the v-word, just give the doctor a list of symptoms and have him make sure there's no medical cause for them.

If you write to just ask me "is it possible" -- the answer is sure, it's possible. It's also possible that something else is the cause. I don't deal with definites, and writing me to get a "maybe" answer is just pointless.

If you send me email to ask me this in any way, I will ignore it. :P

"Can you help me meet others vamps in <certain area>?"
If you are looking for fellow vamps in your area, I am the wrong person to ask! For privacy reasons, I do NOT keep lists of who is where. You will have better luck if you try the Vampires Meetup or SphynxCat's Personals pages or the message boards instead.

If you ask me anyway, I will simply send you the links to these pages.

"Can you tell me what your Awakening is like?"
Check the Awakening Stories if you want to see other people's experiences. Also read the FAQs to cover anything else. Everything of my own personal experiences that I want known is already posted in bits and pieces throughout this site.

No further details of my own experiences will be provided via email.

"I'm doing a documentary/article/report/radio show/etc."
If you haven't already, check out the FAQs and the Press Room. If you still have questions, or you still wish me to help with your project, then feel free to come back and send me a message.

Please do include *details* of your project if you want me to help -- not just a general overview and vague promises of being treated with respect. I only consent to interviews on *MY* terms -- I am not desperate for a moment or three of fame, and I am quite willing to walk away and have no exposure rather than be treated like the "freak of the week".

"I just want to talk to a(nother) real vampire"
I realize that a lot of the emails are from those who SEEK support and the company of other vampires, and I feel badly that I am not adequately able to provide that via email. I highly recommend that you drop in on #Sanguinarius on IRC. I'm there a lot. Look for Sanguinarius or Sangi_* (Sangi_afk or Sangi_SiteWork, for instance). Type "Sangi" if I'm in but don't respond, and if I'm within hearing distance, I'll wander my way back in and say hi.

"Please send me (all) the information you have..."
Read the site -- it's already online. All the info I have is online. I put it there for people to access it so I wouldn't have to keep sending it to people who asked for it individually. I make every effort to make this site as "user-friendly" and as comprehensive as possible. Don't email me asking for more information; read the site.

"Email is a pain, do you have <instant messenger type>?"
No. I don't use them because I find IMs to be a pain due to the constant interruptions I would receive. Too many people see instant messengers as a substitute for reading the site and the poor webmaster (me) is continuously interrupted -- which means site updates won't get posted, and emails end up taking even LONGER to get a response. People also tend to want to just chat.

"Can I link to you / Will you link to me? / Want to trade links?"
Yes, you can link to me. I have a bunch of different links and graphics to choose from here. If you want me to link to you, you can submit your site to The Real Vampire Directory and I will have a look at it. If it's not way off-topic, inappropriate or otherwise unacceptable, and I have a category for it, I'll add it to my database.

"I'd like to help out..."
Great! I could use the help! Please contact me on FaceBook (Sanguinarius E. Sanguinarius) and let me know; I'm frequently on FB and will get back to you fairly soon and figure out something for you to do.

Reposting Articles
If you are going to ask about reposting articles from my site to somewhere else, please be sure to give proper credit and a link back to Sanguinarius.

Contact about...

Click on the appropriate selection below to submit your correspondence.  Important Note: The following email categories are the topics I will respond to, IF I SEE THEM.

Hate mail, threats, complaints, irate blusterings, etc., please include your home phone number and the hours that you most likely will be in bed, sleeping peacefully, and I will get back to you then! (For you people with no sense of humor, I AM JUST JOKING!!!)

(An email form will open up for you to compose your correspondence.)


Click on the appropriate selection below to submit your material.

For short submissions (like a tip, for instance), go ahead and iinclude that in the text of your email.  For longer submissions (such as an article, book review, or transcript) submit your material in either .txt or .doc format and attach the file to the email. Be sure to check for spelling, grammar and punctuation, PLEASE!

In the email, include the name or nickname you wish to use, web page (if desired), and whatever other credit, information (qualifications, affiliations, etc.) you'd like included. Also, be sure to include permission for me to publish the material you are submitting, because if I'm in doubt, I'll not publish it (I do NOT want to inadvertently post something that someone didn't intend for me to...*shudder!*). Submissions may be edited for clarity. Also, I have stopped including an email address unless you specifically indicate you want me to include yours.

And, lastly, thank you in advance for being so kind as to send your material to! One more thing: I will email you upon publication to let you know I've posted it and where, so you can look it over and make sure everything is in order.

I give Sanguinarius permission to publish this submission on

(An email form will open up for you to compose your correspondence.)


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