Real Vampire Community Animal Welfare Awareness

Print/PDF FriendlyAn affirmation of vampire community values regarding the humane treatment of animals I. We are members of the vampire community who wish to make an explicit statement about the ethics surrounding animal consumption, blood sourcing, and humane treatment issues.  This statement is drafted so that all parties understand that there is no place in the vampire community for deliberate animal cruelty.  The suffering of other creatures is not something that vampires advocate or will … Continue reading

Real Vampire Community Personal Safety & Privacy Awareness

Print/PDF FriendlyA sobering message to the participants of the vampire community By Merticus & Zero The vampire community was formed in part to promote the well-being of its members with a supportive social network. We’ve done an admirable job in promoting safer feeding practices, sensitivity and acknowledgment of donor concerns, and sharing the most effective ways to manage or conceptualize vampirism. We’ve supported one another as we discovered that it was acceptable to form our … Continue reading

The Advanced Bonewits’ Cult Danger Evaluation Frame (Version 2.6)

Print/PDF FriendlyIntroduction Events in the last several decades have clearly indicated just how dangerous some religious and secular groups (usually called “cults” by those opposed to them) can be to their own members as well as to anyone else whom they can influence. “Brainwashing,” beatings, child abuse, rapes, murders, mass suicides, military drilling and gunrunning, meddling in civil governments, international terrorism, and other crimes have been charged against leaders and members of many groups, and … Continue reading

Real Vampire Community Abuse Awareness Campaign

Print/PDF FriendlyA message to visitors, newcomers and all those on their paths of discovery By Zero & Merticus The real vampire community is an open and accepting culture, which should be a safe space to engage in introspection and the open exchange of ideas. Whether you have a solid self-understanding as a vampire or non-vampire, or whether you’ve come to the community in pursuit of such an understanding, the community is a place which is … Continue reading

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