Eerie America, In-Depth Promo Video

Print/PDF FriendlyHere is information about the Eerie America series (this page is under construction).  It has been described as “the travel guide for the Addams Family”. They are seeking donations and trying to raise capital to make the series happen.  Please find out more about the series (they don’t bug you for money; though I mention it here, because this series NEEDS to happen (and I know you’ll enjoy it as much as I will). … Continue reading

Vote for Sanguinarius

Print/PDF FriendlyThat’s right! I’m going to be running for President, so vote for me in the next election! Okay, okay, I’m only joking… (although I am selling a “Sangi for President” tshirt). You CAN still vote for me, though (no, not in the elections), by clicking on each of the links below to cast your vote for in the Top Sites lists. You can vote once per day, so bookmark this page and come … Continue reading

Linking to Sanguinarius

Print/PDF FriendlySo…You wanna link to my site, eh? Well….okay. Thanks! 😀 Feel free to add a link to Sanguinarius: The Vampire Support Page from your site. Help yourself to the above animated banner, too. Below is a variety of banner graphics and buttons you can use if you want to, plus instructions on how to do so (for those who are newbie webmasters). To Link To: To link to this: Use this URL: for … Continue reading

Vampire Community Graphics

Print/PDF FriendlyThese are graphics that you may use to put on your page, courtesy of Sanguinarius. Please be patient while the page loads. They are for those of you who are interested in building, supporting, and advancing the vampire community…they are not just neat graphics for the taking…so they really don’t belong on pages like “Barfy the Slayer”, RPG-oriented, or even general-interest vampire pages! 😉 I, personally, expect and actively encourage some participation or activity … Continue reading

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