Seeking Videos for Video Vault

Print/PDF FriendlySeeking Nilchy’s blessing, I mentioned his old Q&A videos. He informed me that he would like to put the videos behind him.  Wince  This has pretty much eliminated’s Video Vault because most of them (except for maybe one or two) were his V&A series archived for others to view.  Although he did agree to let me keep the other videos.  THANKS, ZILCHY!!! I have temporarily disconnected my Video Vault from until and … Continue reading

Recent happenings

Print/PDF FriendlySome of you may know that I recently had a stroke, and both my eyesight and my word and charachter comprehendion took sits. I’m typing this without editing it to see how good/mad I’m doing currently, recovering some. But I have not done much on or in the community in recent days because of my health, which is not improving. The whay this is typed is how my brain is sorki ng / … Continue reading

Time Off for Good…will

Print/PDF Friendly I’m going to take some time off to go through a lot of my things to see what doesn’t fit, what I don’t use, and what I don’t need, to donate to Goodwill. I’m a packrat, but I used to be a lot worse about it than I am nowadays. I’ll be working on this Project in baby steps, as I don’t have a lot of energy or endurance; but I’ll be plugging … Continue reading

Navigating Sanguinarius v5

Print/PDF FriendlySomeone recently requested help on navigating the new version of  I’ll certainly give it a go, although a lot has changed and will continue to change as the site evolves.  I don’t guarantee that I’ll cover everything but I’ll mention some of the basics: You can navigate to different sections of the site, and also hop on over to other sites, using the top-of-the-page Navigation Menu.  Mouseover one of the “tabs”/headings and a … Continue reading

Multilingual Site

Print/PDF FriendlyI just added the capability to translate by machine with phrases editable by (logged in) humans (errr, vampires wink) in the following languages (inclusive): English (of course!) French German Italian Spanish If this plugin works out nicely and does what’s expected, I will upgrade to the full version and include more languages.

Simplified Sanguinarius

Print/PDF FriendlyI simplified the structure and navigation of Sanguinarius by combining the Articles Archive with the Vampire Guide/Vampire Handbook.  The result is the Knowledge Archive and publishing a page or post on here is now a lot simpler!  The Knowledge Archive index (with additional information such as excerpt/summary and publication date) is accessible here, as well as by category in the dropdown list in the left-hand column. I am considering folding the “Awakening Stories” section … Continue reading

Comments Working Again

Print/PDF FriendlyFor the past 48 days, comments were not working.  Eventually, I got a clue that something was wrong and a friend/helper and I looked into things and discovered one of my plugins was blocking them.  Now things have been fixed and comments are once again working. 😀 On most every page of Sanguinarius, you can now discuss and comment on the various articles and information. Agree/disagree with an article? Finally find the info you … Continue reading

Added Sanguinarius Community Center

Print/PDF FriendlyAdded the page for Sanguinarius Community Center in Second Life, a virtual in a virtual, 3-D world.  And as I was adding it to the navigation menu, something went wrong and I lost the whole navigation menu!  Fortunately, after much hassle, I was able to restore things from yesterday’s backup and re-add the page.  All’s well that ends well.  Check the page out, and join us in Second Life (no, it’s NOT just … Continue reading

Help! Save!

Print/PDF FriendlyCan you help spread the word that I need help saving   I need to raise USD $150 for yearly hosting by the end of January. — Otherwise, I don’t know what I’m going to do.  The time (not to mention bills and life) just snuck up on me before I’d managed to save anything toward hosting costs. The link is

New Theme + Sanguinarius v5 Work Complete

Print/PDF FriendlyThanks to Jarandhel Dreamsinger’s super-awesome, mad ninja theme-finding skills, we have a new theme, Mantra, which is even more suitable than the Raindrops/Boots theme I was using.  I’d even say it’s perfectly suitable! 😀 This theme also has more widget areas and also doesn’t break the video player.  😀  You’ll probably notice that the new site looks eerily like the previous incarnation (v4).  I think I’m going to go with that, at least for … Continue reading

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