Donations / Current Needs (update)

Print/PDF FriendlySanguinarius accepts tips and donations. If you have found helpful, please consider making a donation, even if it’s just a few dollars. Below the donation panel, you’ll find a few FAQs to answer questions you might have. Current Needs Hosting for is $225 annually, inclusive. Monthly internet connection costs about $50. Plus an indeterminate amount for phone line, electricity used, paper, ink cartridges, registering necessary software/scripts, and other sundry site- and community-related … Continue reading

Introduction to Sanguinarius

Print/PDF FriendlyHello, and welcome to Sanguinarius: the Vampire Support Page. The purpose of this website is multifold. For one, it exists in order to give support and guidance to those individuals who find themselves having to deal with the problems, instincts and desires, urges and needs that are characteristic of the condition commonly referred to as “vampirism.” Another purpose of this site is to bring the “vampiric community” closer together. To view Sanguinarius: The Vampire … Continue reading

Hall of Premier Supporters (update)

Print/PDF FriendlySanguinarius wishes to recognize and honor those who have made a financial contribution of $25 or more to help support and keep it growing and helping to develop and bring resources to the vampiric community. All Premiere Supporters of will be included in the listing below. If you are interested in making a contribution to help (or even just to get your name listed on this page), even if it’s only … Continue reading

The Bricks Analogy

Print/PDF FriendlyOnce, a long time ago, I got accused of taking advantage of others to solicit articles and tips/advice for my website, while only writing a smattering of articles or tips myself.  The person claimed I was just using people and taking all the credit for their work, while contributing very little of my own.  I wonder what that person had accomplished in the community, besides complaining about other people’s efforts?  I thought about it … Continue reading

Statements of Purpose

Print/PDF Friendly1.) To establish and maintain a national/worldwide communication, information, and support network for all blood-drinkers, self-identified vampires/vampyres and otherkin/therians; 2.) To increase communication and understanding among and concerning blood-drinkers, self-identified vampires/vampyres and otherkin/therians; as well as to work toward unification into a cohesive sub-culture; 3.) Within the larger vampiric community, to create a community of blood-needers and other kinds of blood-drinkers; to provide education on technique and safety; and to increase communication and understanding … Continue reading

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