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Here is a fairly new section to, the Audio Archive. Whenever a real vampire (or otherkin/therianthropy) radio show or podcast becomes available, I will add it here. I opened this archive to be a permanent home of all the real vampire-related (and otherkin) audio files I have. You can listen to them online, or download and listen later. Files will generally be in mp3 format unless otherwise specified.

A title in grey text documents the existence of the episode in question, but it's not currently available (hoping to obtain it).

To listen, just click the link. To download, right click the link and select "Save as..." or "Save target as..."

If you have a file you think would be a good addition to the Audio Archive, please contact me first, before sending it -- at submissions (at) -- and let me know. I'll get back with you on how best to send it in. -- Sanguinarius

Active ShowsNew!

Here are a few shows which are currently broadcasting new episodes geared toward the real vampire, otherkin and/or therian communities. I'm linking to the show website because I'm too busy to keep up with, download, process, listen to and add all the episodes to my archive in a timely manner; if they stop airing and there's a possibility that the shows might disappear, then I'll snag them and add them here. Depending on the settings of each show, you might be able to listen to previous episodes on-demand or download them.

Luna Sanguinus
Your hosts, and therians themselves, Tsunami and Pirate (and sometimes others as well), air several shows a week (see website for days) on topics of interest to therians, otherkin and occasionally vampires. The show takes two forms: TTK and Papa Bear's Big Bowl (Tsunami is known as "Papa Bear" to his pack). TTK is short for Therian Talk (K)Connection and focusses on therian concerns; Papa Bear's Big Bowl is more entertainment-oriented and they talk about a mix of topics (sometimes even strippers!). Callers are welcome and encouraged for both shows when on the air. Show website and on-demand archives:

Raven's Nest, The Septem Civis Vampires
Are there vampires in Hampton Roads? Who are they? What are they like? Should you be worried? This show deals with the Septem Civis vampire community in Hampton Roads, Virginia. We'll be talking about a variety of subjects and just having fun!
Show website and on-demand archives: (If you can't see the archives using FireFox, try a different browser; for some reason, *I* can't see them in FF but I can in IE; others may or may not have the same problem.)

Voice of the Dragon
Real Vampirism, Dark Music, Dark Paths, Children Of The Black Sun. "The Same Things That Exist In The Darkness, Exist In The Light...We Are The Radiance Of The Black Sun". Join your hostess, Contessa Liza Zboril as she covers a variety of topics of interest to vampires. Show website and on-demand archives:

Newer Additions (sorted by date)

Anomalies - 2010-04-07 - Seregon O'Dassey - The Real World of Vampires
Vampires have become a popular genre in the media with the Twilight movies, True Blood and the Vampire Diaries. Have you ever wondered -- are vampires real and are they truly the things of Hollywood? Anomalies welcomes former scream queen and self -- proclaimed vampire Seregon O'Dassey to the show. Join Dwayne Claud and Sarah Claud as they explore the mysteries of the vampire... [1of1] Show website:

Coast to Coast AM - 2009-06-20 - Jason 'The Horse' Wentworth - Horse in Human Form
Ian Punnett welcomed Jason 'The Horse', a man who believes he is really a horse living inside a human body. Jason talked about what it was like to live as a horse, as well as shared the story of how he came to understand his true nature. (cont'd) Show website:

Coast to Coast AM - 2010-12-18 - Jason 'The Horse' Wentworth - Horse in a Human Body
During the middle two hours of the show, Ian welcomed back Jason 'The Horse', a man who believes he is actually a horse living in a human body. "Growing up I always had the feeling that I should be somewhere else doing something else in a different form," Jason explained. (cont'd) Jason the Horse has written a book detailing his experiences. The book, What if You are a Horse in Human Form? is available in paperback, audio or digital download. [1of2] [2of2] Show website:

Connections Radio - 2009-02-10 - Vlad - Gothic Magician & More
During the first half of the show, Vlad joined Raven Duclos & her co-hosts to discuss his incredible magic and illusion; what goes into it, how he does it, and what drew him to it. In the second hour, he discussed types of vampires and the vampire community. [1of1] Show website:

Kevin Smith Show - 2001-06-?? - Damien Daville - Real Vampires
Kevin had Damien on the show and presumably they talked about real vampires. Show website:

Kevin Smith Show - 2004-06-01 - Damien Daville - Real Vampirism (Part 1)
Damien Daville returned to the show 3 years after his first appearance and discussed real vampires and vampirism. [1of1] Show website:

Kevin Smith Show - 2004-06-02 - Damien Daville - Real Vampirism (Part 2)
Damien Daville returned to the show to continue discussing real vampires and vampirism with Kevin Smith. [1of1] Show website:

Luna Sanguinus - 2012-02-10 - TTK - Tsunami & Pirate - Therianthropy
Your hosts, and therians themselves, Tsunami and Pirate talked about what therianthropes and otherkin are. [1of1] Show website:

Luna Sanguinus - 2012-02-12 - Papa Bear's Big Bowl
Your hosts Tsunami and Dar discussed a variety of topics of interest to therians. They were joined later by a vampiric "Swan", who discussed her donor-vampire relationship. [1of1] Show website:

Luna Sanguinus - 2012-02-15 - TTK - Theriananthropy Throughout History
Tsunami and Pirate discussed mythology and anthropomorphic beliefs of deities in ancient cultures. They also talked about shifting and moon cycles, one's inner animal, and other topics. [1of1] Show website:

Luna Sanguinus - 2012-02-17 - TTK - Symbolism & Therianthropy
What's with symbolism? A lot of different religions use it; a lot of different groups use it. From the vampiric groups with their ankh to Christians with their cross; the pentacle for the Pagans, and so on. It all means something to them, but where do these meanings come from? Tsunami also explored theories to explain therianthropy. [1of1] Show website:

Nightmares - 2010-10-20 - Yelizaveta Zboril - Vampire Nation Concord
Contesa Yelizaveta Zboril talked about real vampires and her group, the Vampire Nation Concord, which she formed to unite vampires, otherkin and therian communities. [1of1] Show website:

Nightwatch - 2008-01-22 - Batman On Film; Christopher Rondina - Vampires
During the second half of the show [starts at 57:45], host Todd Sheets discussed New England vampire folklore and beliefs with author Christopher Rondina. [1of1] Show website:

Nightwatch - 2008-05-06 - 'John', Linda Godfrey - Werewolf Night
Todd Sheets started the show by discussing werewolves with John, who claimed to be a shapeshifter. Later, author Linda Godfrey discussed sightings and reports of strange, wolflike creatures (not so much therian-oriented but interesting nonetheless); she also touched on the Loch Ness Monster. [1of1] Show website:

Obilisk, The - 2010-10-13 - Lord Chaz - New Orleans Halloween
Father Sebastiaan interviewed Lord Chaz about his experiences with New Orleans hauntings, his tours, and vampires; he also discussed a little about voodoo. Lord Chaz is known as one of the most famous storytellers in New Orleans and is the Master of Ceremonies of the Endless Night Vampire Ball on Halloween weekend. [1of1] Show website:

Obilisk, The - 2010-12-09 - Father Sebastiaan, et al - Types of Vampires
Father Sebastiaan brought you an esteemed panel to discuss the different varieties of vampires, including psychic (ethical and traditional), blood drinkers, gaja and Black Swans (dayside vampires). [1of1] Show website:

Raven's Nest, The Septem Civis Vampires - 2012-02-11 - Tsunami - Vampires and Otherkin
Are there Vampires in Hampton Roads? What are vampires anyway? Meet the Septem Civis Vampire community in Hampton Roads, Virginia. Will be discussing a variety of topics, and having some guests on as well. Tune in and join the fun! Carpe Noctem! Tonight's episode, who they are and what do they do. [1of1] Show website:

Raven's Nest, The Septem Civis Vampires - 2012-02-18 - Criophix & Tsunami - Representing the Vampire Community
This week; What is the best way to represent the vampiric community? We'll also explore religion and spiritual beliefs. What do vampires believe in? Do they believe in anything? What are your beliefs? Also stupid news, shameless plugs, and other shinanigans. [1of1] Show website:

Raven's Nest, The Septem Civis Vampires - 2012-02-25 - Julian - Vampire Family Issues
This week's topics and questions, family life and legal issues. Do vampires have families? Are they anti-family? What is family life like when you are a vampire? What do you tell the kids? When do you tell them? Also, legal issues; dealing with police and child protective services. What are your rights? What's the best way to deal with police and CPS when they knock at your door? What about child custody issues? This and our shameless plugs, music and other shenanigans. [1of1] Show website:

Regular Guys - 2008-10-06 - Open Lines; Liz the Vampire
The second session of the Regular Guys (after News Jog) includes several vampire-related calls including Liz, a self-proclaimed vampire from John's Creek (starts at 16:50). [1of1] Show website:

Regular Guys - 2008-10-13 - Liz the Vampire - Vampires
Liz, the Vampire from John's Creek, came in to the studio to talk with Larry, Eric, Steve and Tim about vampirism and drinking blood. The guys host a questions game; when Steve misses a question, he has to take a drink of blood on the air (brought by Liz). [1of1] Show website:

Rhea & Oculus - VJC Discussion - 2011-05-20
Rhea and Oculus, a couple of Gotham vamps, discussed the Vampire Judicial Council and also the ineffectiveness of declaring someone sin nomine or exiled. [1of1] Website: -

Stay tuned, I've got some more coming. Check back again soon.

...stay tuned...

Bewitching Hour

2011-04-19 - Vampire 101 with Corvis Nocturnum
Author and vampire Corvis Nocturnum talks about his experiences in the vampire community and discusses his satanism, the vampire subculture and his books. [1of1]

Show website:

Beyond Reality

2007-04-21 - Rosemary Ellen Guiley, et al - Vampires; Open Lines - Paranormal Topics
Rosemary Ellen Guiley discusses vampires, including the New England folklore. Later, Jason and Grant open the phone lines to callers to discuss a variety of paranormal topics including a few vampire-related calls. After that, the guys interview guests Candace Miller and Kurt Windfang about real vampires. And finally, they open up the phone lines again. [1of1]

Show website:

Black Cat Lounge

2009-11-09 - Corvis Nocturnum - Satanist & Vampire Author
Rev. Tim Shaw interviews Corvis Nocturnum about satanism and alternative subcultures, things that have influenced him, his most recent book and vampirism. [1of1]

2012-01-06 - John Edgar Browning - Vampires, Monsters & Subcultures
Rev. Tim Shaw interviews author John Browning about vampires and the New Orleans vampire subculture; John has written a number of books on vampires and Dracula. He talks about his experiences while reseaching real vampires. [1of1] Show website:

Show website:

Coast to Coast AM

2003-10-25 - Nemo - Vampires
Nemo, a representative of the Temple of the Vampire, joined the program. Nemo shared his Temple's approach to immortality, which involves the use of taking excess energy given off by people rather than drinking their blood. [1of2] [2of2]

2005-10-29 - Judith Orloff - Psychic Vampires
A pioneer in the new field of energy psychiatry, Dr. Judith Orloff addressed the phenomenon of psychic vampires. As a special bonus caused by the changing of the clocks, Ian hosted a "lost" 5th hour of the show featuring Open Lines. [1of3] [2of3] [3of3]

2006-09-18 - Michelle Belanger - Psychic Vampirism
Vampire researcher and self-proclaimed psychic vampire Michelle Belanger revealed the beliefs and lifestyles of real vampires. She explained how she introduces the gothic vampire culture to others and has found great interest in the belief. She indulged in the differences between various groups of vampires; goths, blood vampires and energy draining vampires. [1of3] [2of3] [3of3]

2007-08-28 - Michelle Belanger - Modern Day Vampires
George spoke with vampire researcher and self-professed energy vampire Michelle Belanger about modern day vampires as well as psychic vampirism. Belanger discussed her new book, Vampires in Their Own Words: An Anthology of Vampire Voices, which chronicles the beliefs and practices of nearly two dozen 'self-aware' vampires. (During the first hour of the show, another guest talked about Al-Qaeda, not vampires, so it's not included here.) [1of3] [2of3] [3of3]

2009-05-26 - Michelle Belanger - Hauntings & Vampires
During the last 3 hours of the show, author & lecturer Michelle Belanger discussed her most recent work with hauntings, as well as the realm of spirits and dark forces. She also spoke about her life as a psychic vampire. [1of3] [2of3] [3of3]

2009-09-09 - Brad Steiger - Real Vampires
In the latter half of the show, paranormal expert Brad Steiger discussed real vampires, stalkers and creatures of the dark. While the legend of the vampire has been made into something glamorous and seductive by Hollywood, the reality is much harsher and uglier, he noted. Real life vampires, as opposed to members of the modern day vampire subculture, can commit heinous acts of violence and horror. Steiger suggested that some of these individuals may be possessed by evil parasitic spirit entities that feed on them, and control their behavior. [1of2] [2of2]

2010-07-03 - JM Dixon - Interview with a (Psychic) Vampire
JM Dixon, a psychic vampire who feeds on the energy of humans, discusses the vampire community, their practices, and what one can do should they encounter such beings. [1of4] [2of4] [3of4] [4of4]

2011-01-26 - DJ Williams - Vampire Subculture
First hour guest, expert on deviant leisure, Dr. D.J. Williams talked about the vampire subculture. He differentiated "lifestylers," who take on the affectation and style of mythical vampires, from those who view vampirism as part of their identity. The latter group practices feeding, mostly by draining energy, though some do ingest small amounts of human blood, he revealed. More at [1of3] [2of3] [3of3]

Show website:

Communitas Meeting (NYC)

2011-02-12 - Discussion on State of Gotham
A meeting of the NYC (Gotham) vampyre community aimed at getting the Gotham VC members to recognize the Vampi(y)re Community and work towards its growth and development and to counter things which may divide it. [1of1]

Website: -

Darkness Radio

2006-10-22 - Rosemary Ellen Guiley - Vampires
Rosemary Ellen Guiley again joins Darkness on the Edge of Town to discuss....Vampires! Hear why Rosemary believes there are vampires walking among us, and hear what she also believes are not quite the myths you thought they were! [1of1]

2007-01-21 - Michelle Belanger - Vampires & Psychic Energy Work
Michelle Belanger joins the boys in the first hour to talk about vampirism of all types, including energy vampirism, and how you can protect yourself from it. [1of1]

Show website:


2010-07-10 - Joseph Laycock - Eclipse of the Vampires
With the latest Twilight Saga film exploding at the box office and the books racing out of the stores, it's worth asking the question: what's going on with vampires, anyway, and Joseph Laycock has the answers! Learn the truth about modern vampirism as you take a journey into the revealing subject with an expert--and led by Whitley Strieber, whose own book, the Hunger, is considered to be among the greatest of all vampire novels. [1of1]

Show website:

Embracing the Dark

2010-01-06 - Belfazaar Ashantison - Vampires
Embrace The Dark Radio's interview of Belfazaar of New Orleans to speak out on the reality of vampires, the community and his personal reflections of the vampire condition. [1of1]

2010-01-20 - Joseph Laycock - Vampires
Joseph Laycock discussed real vampires and his book, Vampires Today: The Truth About Modern Vampires. [1of1]

2010-02-17 - Sanguinarius - Real Vampires & Community Issues
Corvis and Sanguinarius talked about real vampires, the community and issues facing the community. [1of1]

2010-06-02 - Michelle Belanger - Psychic Abilities and Energy Work
Dear friend and fellow author of a vast number of books, as well as member of the hit A&E show, Paranormal State, Michelle Belanger was Corvis's special guest on June 2. 2010 on Embrace the Dark. They discussed the show, her latest books, and her thoughts on this past Kheperu Open House. [1of1]

2010-06-16 - Drake Mefestta - Real Vampires
Corvis Nocturnum speaks with special guest Drake Mefestta, highlighting on views on vampire culture in society today and his personal life with the affliction of vampirism in a live, over-the-phone interview on "Embrace the Dark". [1of1]

Show website:

Fallen Angels TV

2009-10-04 - William Kennedy - Cannibalism, Blood Drinking, and Satanic Crime
Why did Yahweh specifically forbid Noah from eating flesh with the blood in it and even cited that should such a thing be done that his life would be required for it? Author and researcher William Kennedy will join us to explore the implications of cannibalism, the drinking of blood within Luciferian rites, and how satanic worship breeds crime. [1of1]

Show website:

Howard Stern

2009-10-19 - Seregon O'Dassey - Vampires
Howard Stern is his usual fuckwad self as model Seregon O'Dassey explains what vampires are to her. [1of1]

Inclination Internet Radio

2010-11-10 - Drake Mefestta - Interview with a Vampire
Lissy & Cola welcome special guest Drake Mefestta. They'll be talking about his Music, Art and Vampirism. This is a show you shouldn't miss! The audio starts out not being the highest quality, but it gets better as you listen. Also, the actual interview begins about 19:30 into the show; the first 19 minutes consists of the hosts chatting randomly. [1of1]

Show website:

KAPS Paranormal Radio

2009-09-13 - Zilchy the Vampire - Evening with a Vampire!!
Zilchy, a real practicing vampire, joins us on the show to describe his life and needs. Featured are the various myths and truths about vampirism, delivered in Zilchy's own style!! [1of1]

2009-10-11 - Brad Steiger - Real Vampires, Night Stalkers, and Creatures from the Darkside!
Noted author Brad Steiger stops by KAPS Paranormal Radio and talks about his latest book, Real Vampires, Night Stalkers, and Creatures from the Darkside. [1of1]

2009-10-11 - Joseph Laycock - Vampires
Joseph Laycock, author of The Truth about Modern Vampirism, stops by and chats about modern vampirism. [1of1]

2009-10-18 - A Howling!! - Savage and Night FireWolf - Therianthropy
Two members of the Therianthrope Community join us on the show to discuss the truth about real werewolves. Discussed are the myths and legends surrounding the Hollywood werewolves and those that are real. [1of1]

Show website:


2009-06-02 - Lady Liderc Calment - Vampire Live!! [show 516214]
As the KnightZone shadows continue to be explored, Colin Knight brings to the airwaves a lifestyle Vampire! - NO BULL! Lady Liderc Calment will join Colin Knight to discuss the reality of Vampyrism... [1of1]

Show website:

Late Night in the Midlands

2010-11-19 - Joseph Laycock - Vampires Today
Host Michael Vara interviews Joseph Laycock, author of Vampires Today, who along with the Atlanta Vampire Alliance (AVA) has produced ground-breaking research on a community of self-identified vampires. He argues that so-called "real vampires" are neither mentally ill nor practicing a strange religion. Instead, they appear to be an identity group that we do not ready-made category for. [1of1]

Show website:

Morning X, 97X

2009-08-19 - Father Evan Christopher & Veronica - Vampires
Father Evan Christopher and Veronica -- local vampires -- stop by the studio with St. Petersburg Times journalist, Alexandra Zayas. [1of2] [2of2]

Show website:


2005-11-08 - Sylvere ap Leanan - Real Vampires
Todd Sheets interviews Sylvere ap Leanan about real vampires.

2009-10-06 - Joseph Laycock - Vampires; Marcus Leader - Paranormal Vampires
Joseph Laycock and Marcus Leader discuss vampires. [1of1]

Halloween Special 2009 - Chris Ebert - Supernatural Creatures; Michelle Belanger - Psychic Vampires
Chris Ebert joins Nightwatch to talk about supernatural creatures. Michelle Belanger joins Todd Sheets in the second hour to discuss psychic vampires and energy working. [1of1]

Show website:

Sacred Division, The

2009-07-22 - Zilchy - Vampires
Bishop James Long interviews Zilchy about real vampires.

Show website:

Shadow Hour, The

2009-06-03 - Vampires Among Us [show 523792]
Are vampires walking among us? Lord Vlad, from Salem, Massachusetts, a leader in the Vampire community will join us to talk about the nature of vampires and some of the inner secrets of their culture. This is not to be missed! More details available in the show notes on . [1of1]

Show website:


#010 - Vampires and Otherkin and Therians, Oh My!
You’ve been asking for it, and here it is. Chris interviews Michelle about the Vampire history, culture, and her own Awakening, then we veer off into the realms of the Otherkin, Therians, and…more? More, indeed. [1of1]

#029 (2009-06-29) - Vampires
In this episode, Michelle and Jackie visit Chris’s backyard around midsummer and revisit and update the topic of vampires, which we last looked at in 2006. A lot has changed in the past three years, and the hosts look at every aspect of the community in this ninety-minute rollercoaster ride. [1of1]

Show website:

Sound Bite

2011-02-27 - Herr Wülfsunus & Madame X - Podcast #001
Sound Bite is a Newscast Program pertaining to Community Events co-sponsored by House of The Dreaming and Dark Nations consisting of voluntary news with the purpose of recording and inspiring. [1of1]

Show website:

Talk Forensics

2009-07-05 - Don Rimer Ritual Crime and Occult Expert
This show details what misconceptions scaremongers like Don Rimer are teaching law enforcement about the vampire community and real vampires. [1of1]

Show website:

Unexplained World

2009-05-31 - Zilchy, Xeurika & Corvis Nocturnum - Vampire Interviews
Join Edward Shanahan & Annette as they interview three members of the Vampire Community: Zilchy, Xeurika, and Corvis Nocturnum. [1of1]

Show website:

X Zone

2010-07-23 - Joseph Laycock - Vampires Today
Joseph Laycock is the author of the academic text Vampires Today: The Truth About Modern Vampirism. He has spent several years doing ethnography studying communities of "real vampires." These are individuals who believe they must feed on either blood or psychic energy in order to maintain their health. Self-identified vampires are in all walks of life and are all around us. [1of1]

Show website:

* * *

There are more, but I don't currently have access to them; they are on a drive that my computer does not currently recognize (maybe I have it hooked up wrong or something?). Also, there are others that I have no doubt not heard of. If you have any or know of any not included here, by all means, contact me at submissions (at) and let me know (before you send anything; my email box is probably not large enough so I'd have to get you a different email addy, or alternative method, to send it to me).

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