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#Vampyreinn Log

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Session Start: Sun Aug 23 18:30:35 1998
[18:30] *** Now talking in #sanguinarius
[18:30] <Virgil^> Man the one thing about this Blade movie it is going to draw a WHOLE bunch of rpg'rs into this room
* Sanguinarius Hey, I know! Let's go invade an RPG channel! >;) [Note: This is an auto-response to "rpg".]
[18:30] <Virgil^> and others!
[18:30] *** Ash25 ( has joined #Sanguinarius
[18:30] <Virgil^> Sangi I am in!
[18:30] <JulianPo> That would be real fun!
[18:30] <Deacon-Frost> Pick one Sangi
[18:30] <Mirae> yes I know
[18:30] <Virgil^> I haven't had any real fun in a LONG time
[18:30] <Deacon-Frost> We'll follow your lead
[18:30] *** SonjaBlue sets mode: +o chesh
[18:30] <JulianPo> How old are you guys?
[18:31] <Mirae> no hunny sucking blood does
[18:31] <DarkOne_> our age varies
<Sanguinarius> MASS KICK IN: 4
[18:31] <SonjaBlue> i always thought it would be interesting to try playing an RPG...
* Sanguinarius Hey, I know! Let's go invade an RPG channel! >;)
[18:31] <ViralVamp> Varies
[18:31] <SonjaBlue> but i might feel silly doing it...
<Sanguinarius> MASS KICK IN: 3
<Sanguinarius> MASS KICK IN: 2
[18:31] <SonjaBlue> *giggles and gets her butt ready for the kick* :)
* Sanguinarius giggles, too. *tee-hee!*
[18:31] <Virgil^> Ohh come on Sonja if I can do it you can!
<Sanguinarius> MASS KICK IN: 1
[18:31] <Mirae> sadness we have been bad
<Sanguinarius> psyche!
[18:31] <Virgil^> ahhh were all gonna die!
<Sanguinarius> *evil laugh!*
[18:31] <ViralVamp> hehe
[18:31] <Mirae> lol
[18:31] <Virgil^> LOL
[18:31] <Mirae> you so mean
[18:32] <Deacon-Frost> That's not funny at all Sangi
[18:32] <SonjaBlue> hehehe Virgil
* Sanguinarius hangs her head...
[18:32] * Deacon-Frost grins
[18:32] <SonjaBlue> hey!
[18:32] * SonjaBlue looks disappointed
[18:32] * Virgil^ goes back to beating his head against the wall
[18:32] <SonjaBlue> where's the kick?
[18:32] * DarkOne_ reminded him of Blade, with Quinn and Deacon
[18:32] <Ash25> Good evening everyone
[18:32] * SonjaBlue was looking forward to being masskicked :(
[18:32] <JulianPo> true where?
[18:32] <SonjaBlue> hey Ash :)
[18:32] <Virgil^> Soo are we all gonna invade an RPG channel!
* Sanguinarius Hey, I know! Let's go invade an RPG channel! >;)
[18:32] <Deacon-Frost> Which one
[18:33] <Virgil^> I don't know
<Sanguinarius> Hey, ya want me to do the mass kick? *Sangi asks hopefully*
[18:33] <SonjaBlue> quit sayin' that and PICK one so we can go INVADE it :)
[18:33] <SonjaBlue> rotfl
[18:33] <Mirae> you pick
[18:33] <SonjaBlue> do the kick, do the kick *chants*
[18:33] <Deacon-Frost> I don't wanna pick
[18:33] <Mirae> lol
[18:33] <SonjaBlue> kick us then we'll go invade ROTFL
<Sanguinarius> !darkness
[18:33] <Virgil^> I'lll find one!
[18:33] <Ash25> I will be back in a few... Later all...
[18:34] *** Ash25 ( has left #Sanguinarius
[18:34] <Virgil^> I think we have a winner!
<Sanguinarius> ok
[18:34] <Deacon-Frost> which one
<Sanguinarius> nahhhh
[18:34] <Virgil^> #vampirepub
* Sanguinarius is too nice
[18:35] * Deacon-Frost is banned from there
[18:35] <Mirae> lol
[18:35] <Virgil^> I am not
[18:35] <SonjaBlue> what are we supposed to do when we go in anyway? :)
[18:35] <SonjaBlue> what are we supposed to do when we go in anyway? :)
[18:35] <SonjaBlue> wave I AM A REALVAMP placards and march around? :)
[18:35] <Virgil^> I hadn't thought that far
[18:35] <Mirae> oh come on you bunch of pansy real vamps lets go out-fantasy some fantasies
[18:35] <Deacon-Frost> HEHEHEH
[18:35] * SonjaBlue giggles at Virgil
[18:35] <Deacon-Frost> go to #vampyreinn I'm not banned from there
[18:36] <Mirae> lol
[18:36] <SonjaBlue> LOL
[18:36] <JulianPo> I think it is only funny when you think of it otherwise boring
[18:36] <Virgil^> Okay
[18:36] <Mirae> lol
[18:36] <ViralVamp> I'm there
[18:36] <Virgil^> what is the room going to be
[18:36] <ViralVamp> #vampyreinn
[18:36] <Virgil^> #vampyreinn???
[18:36] <Virgil^> okay
[18:37] *** Mirae is now known as Death_Anjel
[18:37] <Deacon-Frost> Rockin' name change Mir
[18:37] <Virgil^> This is rich!
[18:37] <Death_Anjel> thank you
[18:38] <Virgil^> LMAO!!!!!!!!!!
<Sanguinarius> I'm back
[18:40] <Virgil^> Sangi join #vampyreinn
[18:41] <Virgil^> good for a laugh
[18:42] *** Cyric (~b@ has joined #sanguinarius


Session Start: Sun Aug 23 18:42:19 1998
[18:42] *** Now talking in #vampyreinn
[18:42] *** Topic is '{{FFRP}}Drow city beneath the Inn. More problems from seraph's plasma cannon :) || Check out the new ezine on Online Roleplaying. | Please remember the line between IC and OOC'
[18:42] *** Set by Shah`kiahran on Sun Aug 23 13:08:23
[18:42] *** Cayge-afk is now known as Cayge
#vampyreinn url is
[18:42] -Li|ithe- Welcome to #vampyreinn. For help,
[18:42] -Li|ithe- type: /msg Li|ithe help
#vampyreinn created on Fri Aug 14 20:31:52
[18:42] <Death_Anjel> of course not
[18:42] <Cayge> bak
[18:42] <Deacon-Frost> Not a chance Virgil
[18:42] * Jeremy_Brood looks at Virgil^..
[18:42] <Jeremy_Brood> to whom are you referring?
[18:43] * Virgil^ waves Sangi over the table with DA, Deacon, Viral
* Sanguinarius smiles evilly
[18:43] <Virgil^> Jeremy all of you
[18:43] * Virgil^ smirks
[18:43] <Death_Anjel> Sangi My child come join us
* Sanguinarius goes over to them
[18:43] <Cyric> they think they are 'real' since they have #sanguinarius
<Sanguinarius> What up, Spanky?
* Sanguinarius notices that you have that in reverse...
[18:44] * Jerald seems uneasy at his table.
[18:44] * Virgil^ Hisses at Jerald
[18:45] <Cyric> ((wow I got kicked from #saguinarius))
[18:45] * Death_Anjel chuckles
[18:45] <Cyric> ((for no reason))
* Sanguinarius walks over to the door, and drapes her arm over the pay phone.
[18:45] <Death_Anjel> no there was a reason you insolent fool
[18:45] * Jerald gets up to get another drink...
<Sanguinarius> She stands that way, watching everyone in the room
[18:45] <Jeremy_Brood> ((there's a pay phone??))
<Sanguinarius> ...waiting...
[18:45] * Death_Anjel stands
[18:45] <Jerald> !drink iced_tea
[18:45] * Li|ithe frowns thoughtfully from behind the bar.
[18:45] * Li|ithe fills a tall glass with ice, and takes some freshly brewed tea from the stove. She pours the tea over the ice, and hands the cold Ice Tea to Jerald
[18:45] <Cyric> ((pay phone???)))
[18:45] <Cyric> !wine bloodwyne
[18:45] * Li|ithe takes a bottle of aged [Note: Mmmm, nice and clotted, huh?] bloodwyne from the rack behind the bar. Pulling the cork from the bottle, she pulls a crystal goblet from the cupboard. Pouring carefully, she fills the goblet with a hauntingly thick crimson liquid. Uttering no words,
[18:46] <Dark_Seraph> ((I though it got blown up with the balcony)))
[18:46] *** Dramradhel has quit IRC (Connection reset by peer)
[18:46] <Jeremy_Brood> ((me too))
* Sanguinarius loves Frank Black, btw
[18:46] * Virgil^ follows Jeremy
<Sanguinarius> ...Lance Henricksen...?
[18:46] * Xasanath stands and starts walking towards the door.
<Sanguinarius> yes...
[18:46] * Jerald walks to the gathering at the table. "Room for another?
<Sanguinarius> ...Lance Henricksen...
* Sanguinarius smiles evilly
[18:46] <Cayge> ((Bishop off of Aliens))
[18:46] <Death_Anjel> posibly
[18:47] <Virgil^> DA!!!!!!!
[18:47] <Death_Anjel> what do you think loves
[18:47] * ViralVamp walks over to Seraph, so what might you be doing in a place like this
[18:47] *** Xasanath (drachesohn@ has left #vampyreinn
[18:47] *** Angharad` sets mode: +o Jeremy_Brood
[18:47] <Virgil^> I dont' know master I don't like him
[18:47] <Jeremy_Brood> ((many thanks, Angh..was just gonna ask))
[18:47] *** Dramradhel ( has joined #vampyreinn
[18:48] <Li|ithe> [Dramradhel] ooo There you are Dram. Don't tell Anghiepoo but I really enjoyed last night. *wink wink*
[18:48] *** ChanServ sets mode: +o Dramradhel
[18:48] * Dark_Seraph pointedly ignores ViralVamp.
[18:48] * Cayge looks to the people with a watching eye
[18:48] * Dark_Seraph walks to the bar.
[18:48] <Dramradhel> (damn computer)
[18:48] * Cyric walks to the bar
[18:48] * Jerald sits beside Sanguinarius.
[18:48] <Dark_Seraph> !shot grain
[18:48] * ViralVamp gets annoyed and walks over to Anjel
[18:48] * Li|ithe takes a black bottle from beneath the bar. "Dark_Seraph, are you sure you want this?", she asks as she pours a shot of pure Grain alcohol into the nearest shotglass. She stands looking at Dark_Seraph for a few seconds before putting the bottle away.
[18:48] <Death_Anjel> I do not know he may turn out to have a clue
<Sanguinarius> !glass
[18:48] * Virgil^ hisses at Cayge
[18:48] * Deacon-Frost kneels before Sanguinarius
[18:49] * Cayge leans back in his chair with calm eyes
[18:49] <ViralVamp> (( me wonders who the hell thought up plasma cannon, not in the v:tm book))
[18:49] <Death_Anjel> Virgil keep your wits we do not need another incident
[18:49] * Jerald raises an eyebrow. "Does he ((Virgil)) always do that?"
[18:49] <Virgil^> Hey that wasn't my fault DA
* Sanguinarius thinks You can shoot a plasma cannon at ME, anyday, er night...
[18:50] <Cyric> ((me wonders why use just the v:tm book))
* Sanguinarius wiggles her eyebrows up 'n' down several times.
[18:50] *** Anri_ (ident@WWV90-55.INTERNETNW.NET) has joined #vampyreinn
[18:50] <Cayge> ((ditto Cyric))
[18:50] <Death_Anjel> I understand this love
[18:50] *** Anri_ (ident@WWV90-55.INTERNETNW.NET) has left #vampyreinn
[18:50] <Virgil^> Jerald you don't want to know what I always do!!!!!!
[18:50] * Deacon-Frost hisses at Jerald, sitting so close to Sanguinarius
[18:50] * Jeremy_Brood leans back in his chair, crossing his arms over his chest..
[18:50] * Cyric smiles
[18:50] <Virgil^> ?me stands up
[18:50] * Jerald moves the other way a bit.
[18:50] *** Jeremy_Brood sets mode: +v Dark_Seraph
[18:50] <Cyric> hehehe
[18:50] *** Jeremy_Brood sets mode: +v Deacon-Frost
[18:50] *** Jeremy_Brood sets mode: +v Death_Anjel
[18:51] *** Jeremy_Brood sets mode: +v Jerald
[18:51] *** Jeremy_Brood sets mode: +v Sanguinarius
[18:51] *** Jeremy_Brood sets mode: +v ViralVamp
[18:51] *** Jeremy_Brood sets mode: +v Virgil^
[18:51] * Virgil^ walks over to Jeremy You trying to kiss up?????
[18:51] * Death_Anjel circles about her children
[18:51] <Cyric> !snack BQ_chips
[18:51] * Li|ithe frowns slightly as she reads off what is under the bar. "Chips... chips... chips... chips... ah! BQ_chips. Cyric, catch!" She tosses a bag of BQ_chips toward Cyric enthusiastically.
[18:51] * Cyric catches the chips
[18:51] * Jerald gets a bit nervous at the circling.
[18:52] *** Angharad` has quit IRC (Quit: I love you matter one can take me from one..)
<Sanguinarius> !snack feta_cheese
[18:52] * Death_Anjel smiles at Jerald
[18:52] * Deacon-Frost kisses Sanguinarius' feet
<Sanguinarius> !
[18:52] * Jeremy_Brood looks calmly at Virgil..
[18:52] * ViralVamp walks over to Jerald and places his arm around him, so Jerald my boy how's it been
[18:52] <Death_Anjel> now Sangi you know what feta does to you
<Sanguinarius> uh, why are you kissing my feet?
[18:52] <Cyric> !snack cheesy_poofs
[18:52] * Li|ithe is holding a bag of cheesy_poofs. Crunching and munching, she offers the bag to Cyric, "Want some of mine?"
[18:52] * Cayge looks around with calm eyes pulling his trenchcoat over over his chest watching
[18:52] <Dark_Seraph> !rumor
<Sanguinarius> ! coffee
[18:53] * Virgil^ gives Jeremy an evil eye
<Sanguinarius> !snack coffee
[18:53] <Cyric> !rumor
[18:53] <Death_Anjel> walks to the bar
[18:53] * Deacon-Frost jumps into the rafters
[18:53] <Cyric> ((me thinks ppl should read help msg))
[18:53] <Dark_Seraph> ((Me thinks so too. :P ))
[18:53] * ViralVamp takes his arm away and circles behind some of the others
<Sanguinarius> what = help msg?
[18:54] * Virgil^ picks up Jeremy by the collar "I don't think I like you"
[18:54] *** Dramradhel sets mode: -o Dramradhel
[18:54] * Death_Anjel looks up at Frost
[18:54] *** Jeremy_Brood sets mode: +v Dramradhel
[18:54] <Cyric> ((type /msg li|ithe help and find out))
[18:54] * ViralVamp walks over to Virgil
* Sanguinarius offers ViralVamp a nice, fresh, hot pint o' Type A- (Now, don't that beat a cigar already???)
[18:54] * Dark_Seraph looks over at Virgil^ and snorts.
[18:54] <Jeremy_Brood> (( the one that says "type /msg Li|ithe help))
[18:54] * ViralVamp takes Sangi up on her offer
[18:54] * Jerald keeps a ready watch on things...
<Sanguinarius> snorts what?
[18:54] * Cyric watches Virgil^
[18:54] <Jeremy_Brood> ((erk..type..))
* Sanguinarius pours Dark_Seraph a I Coke I
[18:55] <Death_Anjel> !shot
[18:55] * Cayge pulls out a cigar and puts it in his mouth
[18:55] <Dark_Seraph> ((Snorts as in snorts in disbelief))
[18:55] * Cayge looks to Jer
[18:55] <Deacon-Frost> !drink blood
[18:55] <Cayge> you got a light
[18:55] <ViralVamp> (( that's a blood type))
[18:55] <Virgil^> Jeremy in fact I really don't like you!
[18:55] * Li|ithe stands behind the bar, her eyes on Deacon-Frost, a dreamy look on her face. She lowers her head slightly, and unlatches a black box. The box is warm to her touch. She pulls a solid ebony flask from the box. She walks over and hands the Blood flask to Deacon-Frost.
[18:55] <Death_Anjel> oh dear here we go again
<Sanguinarius> :)
[18:55] <Death_Anjel> I thought you were keeping an Eye on him Viral
[18:55] * Virgil^ throws Jeremy across the room
<Sanguinarius> >:)
[18:55] * Deacon-Frost jumps down beside Virgil
<Sanguinarius> }:)
[18:56] * Cayge drops the cigar and pops up out of his seat
[18:56] * ViralVamp walks behind the bar "excuss me Lilith" and takes a bottle of wine
<Sanguinarius> }:)=
<Sanguinarius> }:>=
[18:56] * Jeremy_Brood picks himself up, walks calmly back to his seat..
[18:56] * Dark_Seraph walks over to Jeremy_Brood and pats him on the shoulder. "Yet another punk with something to prove, eh?"
[18:56] * Jerald wises up a bit. "I am Jerald Bannon, planar traveler." He looks around the table expectantly, for introductions...
[18:56] <Jeremy_Brood> you got that right, buddy..
[18:56] * ViralVamp wals out from behind the bar and looks down at the bottle. ack, white wine
<Sanguinarius> !BC
[18:56] * Cayge stares Virgil in the eye from a good distance
<Sanguinarius> !drink bc
* Sanguinarius kicks the barbot
[18:57] * ViralVamp walks over to Seraph, I hate white wine, would you like some?
[18:57] * Virgil^ walks over to Dark Seraph You have a problem with me???
[18:57] <Dark_Seraph> No.
[18:57] <Death_Anjel> Sits by Jerald
[18:57] * Deacon-Frost says hey toss that white wine over here
[18:57] * Cyric thought that punk died a long time ago.... guess not
[18:57] * Dark_Seraph looks Virgil^ over, and laughs in his face.
[18:57] * Jeremy_Brood looks at Jerald..
<Sanguinarius> }:>=
[18:58] * ViralVamp looks toward Deacon and tosses him the bottle
[18:58] <Jeremy_Brood> Jeremy ..
[18:58] <ViralVamp> its all yours
[18:58] * Virgil^ Pulls out a large jeweled sword
[18:58] * Deacon-Frost catches the bottle
[18:58] <Death_Anjel> Viral love could you toss me a blood wyne?
* Sanguinarius raises an eyebrow
[18:58] <Virgil^> Phh 'tis is gonna be a lot of fun!
[18:58] <Cyric> !wine red
[18:58] * Li|ithe pulls a wine flute from the cupboard. She opens the wine bottle and fills the flute in silence, with only a thoughtful look around the room. She hands the Red Wine to Cyric
[18:58] * ViralVamp walks back behind the bar and grabs some blood wyne, "but of course"
[18:58] * Cayge sighs as Virgil tries to act all cool and all strong
[18:59] <Death_Anjel> Thank you love
[18:59] * Cyric laughs
* Sanguinarius slips out a flask o' whiskey and chugs it
<Sanguinarius> >belch!<
[18:59] * ViralVamp walks to Anjel and hands her the bottle, bowing gracfuly
<Sanguinarius> Deacon-Frost slaps a piece of paper on Sangi's back that reads "Call me BITCH"
[19:00] * Death_Anjel takes the bottle from Viral
[19:00] * Virgil^ hold the blade tip to Seraph's Jugular
<Sanguinarius> }:>=
[19:00] * Jerald looks to D.A. "Greetings, I came here apparently to help."
[19:00] <Virgil^> Let's dance!
[19:00] * Dark_Seraph draws Greyswandir, his silver sword, and begins a gracefull display of swordsmanship, faster and faster. ((Cel 3))
[19:00] <Death_Anjel> I see
* Sanguinarius laughs evilly again.....
[19:00] <Death_Anjel> well dear do tell me of yourself
[19:00] <Jeremy_Brood> uh.. Dark.. kill him outside..
* Sanguinarius Ack! Don't kill ME! I'm just a harmless channel bot, who don't wanna do nuthin' but love you! :`(
[19:00] * Cayge feels a bit sorry for Virgil thinking of how much damage or death he will suffer if it turns too deadly
[19:01] *** Sanguinarius is now known as Carrie_Vampire_Nation
<Carrie_Vampire_Nation> ;>
[19:01] * Virgil^ snaps his fingers and a large black shield appears
[19:01] * Dark_Seraph points the sword directly at Virgil^, would you like to step outside?
[19:01] * ViralVamp pulls his long black trench coat and pulls out a sawed off shot gun
[19:01] * Jerald looks at his glass. "An adventurer who's been traveling the planes in order to help people. I was recently seperated from my party.
[19:01] <Virgil^> Why? you can't handle closed quarter fighting???
[19:01] * Cyric pulls his 9mm special
[19:01] * Cayge chuckles
[19:01] * ViralVamp points it towards Cyric
[19:01] * ViralVamp pulls the trigger
[19:02] * Deacon-Frost points a plasma weapon at Cyric
[19:02] <Cayge> Virgil, they don't want your blood getting all over everything
[19:02] <Dark_Seraph> Virgil^, Fighting is not allowed in the inn. All fights have to be taken to #VIoutside.
* Carrie_Vampire_Nation doesn't mind
[19:02] * Cyric snaps his fingers and watches the bullets stop in time
<Carrie_Vampire_Nation> }:>=
[19:02] * Virgil^ Throws a dagger that plugs Cayge's gun
[19:02] <Death_Anjel> Jerald
<Carrie_Vampire_Nation> funky
[19:03] <Death_Anjel> I see
[19:03] <Cyric> don't mess with my True Brujah self
[19:03] <Cayge> ((Cayges gun???? he didnt even have a gun))
[19:03] * Jerald gets up and stands at the door with his twin swords drawn.
<Carrie_Vampire_Nation> this is why I detest rp
[19:03] * ViralVamp runs forward and picks Cyric up by his throat pinning him up against the wall
<Carrie_Vampire_Nation> too ridiculous
[19:03] * Death_Anjel laughs at Cyric
[19:03] * Dark_Seraph ((watches as a bunch of idiots turn this nice ffrpg channel into a bar brawl))
[19:03] <Virgil^> Me Draws his big honking Bazooka!
[19:03] <Virgil^> Now this is gonna be fun!
[19:03] * Jerald realizes that it's a local dispute and sits back down.
[19:04] <Cayge> man Virgil, you need to do a little practice
[19:04] <Cyric> ((hey I'm waiting in #vioutside and no one is there
[19:04] <Cayge> (())
[19:04] * ViralVamp pulls a large dagger from his coat and plunges it into Cyric's chest
[19:04] <Death_Anjel> Well My children have fun I must leave you now
<Carrie_Vampire_Nation> Dang! That's a big, honking bazooka! *honk! honk!*
[19:04] * ViralVamp lets Cyric fall to the ground
[19:04] <Deacon-Frost> Bye bye DA
[19:04] * Virgil^ BIG FUCKING EVIL GRIN!
[19:04] * Cayge sits back down in his chair
[19:04] * Death_Anjel stands and walks out the door
[19:04] * ViralVamp kicks Cyric for good measure
[19:04] <Virgil^> Layter DA
[19:04] *** Death_Anjel (death@ has left #vampyreinn
[19:04] * ViralVamp spits on the twice dead corpse
[19:04] * Cyric doesn't fall
[19:04] <ViralVamp> "poser"
[19:04] * Cyric slaps ViralVamp around a bit with a large trout
* Carrie_Vampire_Nation is getting thirsty
[19:05] * Cyric kicks the fuck out of Viral
[19:05] * Dark_Seraph looks around at the idiocy and shakes his head.
[19:05] * Deacon-Frost pours the White wine on the ground, this stuff must have gone bad
[19:05] * ViralVamp stands there hahaha
[19:05] * Virgil^ throws a Dagger and Hits Li|ithe
* Carrie_Vampire_Nation straps on an antigravity belt and floats gently upwards
[19:05] <ViralVamp> so this is how it's going to be
[19:05] <Virgil^> shit I missed LOL!
[19:05] * Jerald shakes his head in unison with d.a.
[19:05] <Virgil^> oops!
[19:05] * ViralVamp pulls out a sword and cuts the fuck out of Cyric
[19:05] *** Cyric has quit IRC (Quit: Leaving)
[19:05] <ViralVamp> see
[19:05] <ViralVamp> twice dead bitch
[19:06] <Deacon-Frost> Viral dude he's gone already
[19:06] <Virgil^> Kick his ass Viral!
[19:06] <ViralVamp> i know
[19:06] *** Hellish-Bog-Beast ( has joined #vampyreinn
[19:06] * Cayge sits down dodging flying projectiles
[19:06] *** Virgil^ has quit IRC (Quit: Leaving)
[19:06] * Hellish-Bog-Beast goes on a bloody rampage
[19:06] * Hellish-Bog-Beast scoops up all the little vampires
[19:06] * Jerald sits there, things and people flying aross the table, and asks for chips.
[19:06] <ViralVamp> alas I must leave my friends, the phone is in need
[19:06] <Hellish-Bog-Beast> MMMMMMMMMM BonBons!
[19:06] *** Hellish-Bog-Beast was kicked by Jeremy_Brood (Jeremy_Brood)
[19:06] <Dark_Seraph> ((Did any of you even read the channel rules?))
[19:07] *** Hellish-Bog-Beast ( has joined #vampyreinn
[19:07] * Deacon-Frost jumps up to the rafters and meets up with Carrie
[19:07] *** Hellish-Bog-Beast was kicked by Jeremy_Brood (Jeremy_Brood)
[19:07] *** Jeremy_Brood sets mode: +b *!*
[19:07] * ViralVamp kicks the beast in the head on the way out the door,
[19:07] <ViralVamp> fucking pets
[19:07] *** ViralVamp was kicked by Jeremy_Brood (Jeremy_Brood)
[19:07] *** Jeremy_Brood sets mode: +b *!*
[19:07] * Jerald figures this is ridiculous and flies up to the rafters.
* Carrie_Vampire_Nation pees herself
<Carrie_Vampire_Nation> omg!
<Carrie_Vampire_Nation> oh by mack
<Carrie_Vampire_Nation> my back
[19:08] <Jerald> brb.
[19:10] <Dark_Seraph> ((Man, good riddence. I even bet they're wondering why they were k/b...))
* Carrie_Vampire_Nation sneaks out the back door
Session Close: Sun Aug 23 19:10:58 1998


#Sanguinarius log append (picks up where we left off in #Sanguinarius, the first time...):
[18:42] *** Cyric (~b@ has joined #sanguinarius
[18:42] * Cyric looks around
<Sanguinarius> roleplay real vamps?
[18:43] <Death_Anjel> Even better out roleplay
[18:43] <SonjaBlue> hi Cyric :)
[18:43] <Deacon-Frost> Cyric is from #vampyreinn he's a NARC
[18:43] <Death_Anjel> them
[18:43] <SonjaBlue> what is NARC?
[18:43] * Deacon-Frost was kidding on that Sonja, but it's police team
[18:43] <SonjaBlue> oh
[18:43] <SonjaBlue> *grinz*
[18:44] *** Cyric was kicked by Death_Anjel (get a life)
[18:44] <Virgil^> NARC!
[18:44] <SonjaBlue> poor Cyric *chuckle*
[18:44] <Virgil^> HA HA HA
[18:44] <JulianPo> That was bad manners Sonja, lol
[18:44] <Deacon-Frost> Pooor Cyric was bad mouthing us real vamps
[18:45] * ViralVamp thinks we should all be in that chan
[18:45] <Virgil^> tisk tisk tisk
[18:45] <Deacon-Frost> hehehe
[18:45] <SonjaBlue> what was bad manners, Julian?
[18:46] <JulianPo> Kicking out poor Cyric...snif
[18:46] <Death_Anjel> she did not do it
[18:46] <Deacon-Frost> Oh yeah poor Cyric
[18:46] <SonjaBlue> i didn't kick Cyric, Julian :) check your scroll :)
[18:55] *** Cyric (~b@ has joined #sanguinarius
[18:56] <Death_Anjel> shhhh
[18:56] <Cyric> wow look at all the bitches
[18:56] <Virgil^> NARC!!!!!!!
[18:56] <JulianPo> Hello Cyric
[18:56] <Deacon-Frost> NARC!!!!!!!!!!
[18:56] <Cyric> about 11 of them wow
[18:56] <Cyric> so many bitches
[18:56] *** Cyric was kicked by Death_Anjel (bitch hu)
[18:56] <JulianPo> No, Cyric is kicked again. Pity
[18:57] <Death_Anjel> I dislike being called a bitch
[18:57] <JulianPo> True.
[18:57] <Deacon-Frost> same here
<Sanguinarius> huh?
[18:57] * ViralVamp ponders about nailing Seraph with the bottle
[18:57] <chesh> oh man, and I was gonna bitch slap him
* Sanguinarius is bitch and proud
[18:57] <chesh> *pout*
[18:58] <Deacon-Frost> LOL Sangi
[18:58] <SonjaBlue> rotfl chesh :)
[18:58] <Death_Anjel> you can come and join my children in #vampyreinn
* Sanguinarius struts around with a placard
<Sanguinarius> sez Bitch! on't
[18:58] <SonjaBlue> hahahahahha
[18:59] *** Belinda ( has joined #Sanguinarius
[18:59] * Deacon-Frost slaps a piece of paper on Sangi's back that reads "Call me BITCH"
[19:11] -Li|ithe- Please revisit #vampyreinn in the future.

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