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A Discussion of Sang and Psi Vampires

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By the denizens of #Sanguinarius

This is a discussion of sanguinarians, psi vampires, sexual vampires and predators which took place on the night of 26 May, 2007 in the IRC channel (chat room) #Sanguinarius, on Irrelevant conversation has been editted out and typos have been corrected, but it is otherwise intact.

<@Sanguinarius> Does anybody have any vampire-related questions or anything you want to talk about in particular?

<deacongray> chuckles

<neardarkness> nope

<@Sanguinarius> damn...

<deacongray> well I gave it a go

<fallen02> i'm too tired to make shit up

* @Sanguinarius shuffles off to do some work

* deacongray waits for her to go so he can start asking questions again

<deacongray> why do so many vampires come from the gothic or pagan communities?

<@Ravena_> one reason might be is that it fits in with who they are

<@Sanguinarius> because they are more open minded and accepting of unusual things and "dark" things

<@Sanguinarius> that too

* deacongray kicks dirt because he thought she was gone and he could look cool

<deacongray> oh yeah....

<neardarkness> Any more questions?

<@Ravena_> some might go with the goth stuff because it fits in with the vampiric stereotypes

<deacongray> well I had been wondering if there was a connection between Erotic non sexual feeding and that of PSI feeding

<@Ravena_> how is something erotic but not sexual?

<@^Charon^> lol

<deacongray> sex is an act

<deacongray> erotic is a disposition

<@Ravena_> erotic by its very definition includes sexual things

<deacongray> yes but it does not have to include sex it self

<@Ravena_> but sexual things

<deacongray> semantics

<@Ravena_> like sexual desire etc

* deacongray shrugs

<@^Charon^> you can have a sexual disposition

<@^Charon^> like i do

<@^Charon^> jk

<@Ravena_> I just prefer that people don't make up definitions for words

<@Ravena_> it makes communicating more complicated

<deacongray> well like some feeding stupes are very erotic with out being sexual it self

* scamper has joined #sanguinarius

<scamper> and i'm back

<@Ravena_> but erotic is sexual

<scamper> hello again

<@Ravena_> doesn't mean they have to have sex

<@^Charon^> you can be sexual without having sex!

<@Ravena_> but it implies some kind of sexual undertone

<deacongray> and totally beside the point of the question, I fear

<@Ravena_> the question has faulty logic

<@^Charon^> lol who are you anyways

<@Ravena_> something can't be erotic *and* non sexual

<McCheese> ravena, yes it can

<deacongray> very well, I will rephrase it

<deacongray> not that you didn't understand

<deacongray> well I had been wondering if there was a connection between Erotic non sexual intercourse feeding and that of PSI feeding

* Sanguinarius is now known as Sangi_working

<@Ravena_> so feeding on regular non sexual energy versus feeding on sexually charged erotic energy not present because of actual intercourse

* McCheese is confuzzled

<@Ravena_> some would argue that energy is energy

<deacongray> no

<deacongray> you can have sexual energy with out having sexual intercourse

<@Ravena_> yes, that was my point

<deacongray> people can feed from sexual energy with out intercourse

<deacongray> but if it was just energy..why would it matter, and to many it plain does

<@Ravena_> maybe they prefer eroticism

<@Ravena_> like adding a flavour to water ;)

<fallen02> i sure as hell do :)

<deacongray> "prefer" would indicate they are not sexual vampires at all, that the sexual aspects don't matter

<deacongray> I cannot think of a single sexual vampire that would agree with that

<@Ravena_> agreement isn't necessary, actually

<@Sangi_working> sexual vampires are psi vampires with a preference for sex energies

<@Sangi_working> and moreover, it's an "in" for sexual predators who are not vampires to claim vampirism

<@Ravena_> I was just throwing that out as a theory, I didn't say it was one I clung to

<deacongray> really? Why would most Sexual vampires say they cannot feed Psi alone?

<@Ravena_> perhaps they can, and choose not to

<deacongray> I don't have an answer either, just more questions

<deacongray> but they will tell you they cannot

<@Sangi_working> what is the difference between a sexual vampire and a nymphomaniac?

<@Sangi_working> I haven't heard an answer to that

<deacongray> well that is a interesting question

<deacongray> I mean what is the real difference between a blood fetistist and a sang vampire?

<@Sangi_working> sang vampires don't get off sexually on blood

<@Ravena_> are there sexual vampires who aren't the type to flirt or come onto anything that moves?

<@Sangi_working> blood fetishists do

<deacongray> sexual vampires don't have to have sex to feed

<@Ravena_> no, just stir up that kind of energy

<deacongray> nymphos have to have sex to sate their mental disorder

<fallen02> Some would say that exclusively sexual vampires can, but haven't learned to, feed in other ways

<deacongray> there are many types of sexual feeders

<@Ravena_> well, someone with a blood fetish would feed because they get off on it sexually, perhaps

<deacongray> some feed from raw SEX, the traditional succubus type

<@Ravena_> a sang would feed because they need to feel healthy

<@Ravena_> that might be the difference

<deacongray> but most are not that way

<@Sangi_working> let me rephrase that...who is to say that so-called "sexual vampires" are not just nymphomaniacs wanting to call themselves vampires to justify their perversions?

<deacongray> ditto sangs

<@Ravena_> I just wondered about it, I once posted some questions on a forum about it but no one answered. lol

<@Sangi_working> sang vampires don't get off sexually on blood

<@Sangi_working> blood fetishists do

<deacongray> they don't?

<@Sangi_working> so, non-ditto sangs

<deacongray> the attention could be considered the same thing

<@Ravena_> I think some sang vamps get a bit of a thrill from feeding, too

<@Sangi_working> no, they don't

<@Sangi_working> I was there when the word "sanguinarian" was coined

<deacongray> a huge part of the vampire sang psychology can be placed on attention seeking

<@Sangi_working> specifically to refer to blood feeding vampires

<deacongray> the difference is the perspective of the type isn't it?

<@Sangi_working> as opposed to psi feeders and blood fetishists

<@Sangi_working> if I want attention, I'll act goofy

<@Sangi_working> sometimes I'll act goofy, anyway

<deacongray> if I want sex I will hook up over beers

<@Sangi_working> lol

-Sphynx-NotHere:@#sanguinarius- (opnotice) perhaps it's part of that vamp-donor bond thing?

<deacongray> the basics of it comes to the same thing

<@Ravena_> a lot of people in the community are attention whores

<@^Charon^> i need to go watch a movie

<@^Charon^> nite nite, i'll be back lata!

<deacongray> the individual type has decided what makes them what they are

<deacongray> well..they explain what it is

* @^Charon^ Quit (Quit: And behold, the Destroying Angel of the forest turned back the universal veil and revealed a hundred fiery gills unleashing a hundred thousand spores with which to smite the livers of the unbelievers...)

<deacongray> I am such a techno idiot

<deacongray> I think there are non sexual intercourse, erotic vampires

<@Ravena_> flirty vamps

<deacongray> those who need sexual energy even though they don't need sex

<deacongray> flirts

<deacongray> teases

<deacongray> temptors

<deacongray> but I guess the question is are they just select PSI vampires or not

<@Ravena_> they kind of annoy me actually

<@Ravena_> excessive flirting always make me want to smack someone

<@Ravena_> but a sexual vampire is probably just a type of energy vampire

<deacongray> I think most would agree with you

<@Ravena_> to my face maybe, haha

<@Ravena_> but that's another topic

<deacongray> no there is a huge push by the PSI vamps to say that is the only type

<deacongray> the rest are just...well

<deacongray> either fakes, or feeding psi while they drink blood without knowing it

-Sphynx-NotHere:@#sanguinarius- (opnotice) Hmmm... huge push where, I wonder...

<@Ravena_> some say the blood is just a vehicle for the energy

<@Sangi_working> it's more than just the energy

<@Ravena_> but to be honest, I think the whole Sang vs Psi is plain stupid

<@Sangi_working> psi feeding does not do the same thing as blood feeding, nor is it as satisfying

* @Sangi_working pushes back

<@Sangi_working> the psis really should try blood feeding. they'd change their minds

<@Ravena_> those same people would then say that it's because the sang vamps have not evolved far enough along in their feeding to get it straight instead of having it diluted in the blood

<@Sangi_working> fuckin' elistist swine

<fallen02> ya

<fallen02> hey....

<@Sangi_working> blood is much stronger and more potent

<@Ravena_> but I don't agree that psi's would change their mind if they blood fed

<@Ravena_> many of them have

<@Ravena_> fed via blood

<@Ravena_> and still are psi vamps first and foremost

<@Sangi_working> they're incomplete vampires if they can't get what they need from blood. I can play their stupid game

<@Ravena_> I don't think either side in incomplete

-Sphynx-NotHere:@#sanguinarius- (opnotice) Oh FFS.... *rolls eyes*

-> Ops #Sanguinarius: <<SANGI SEZ>> basically

<@Ravena_> I also think the "war" is a fool's game

-> Ops #Sanguinarius: <<SANGI SEZ>> what war? the one the psi's started?

-> Ops #Sanguinarius: <<SANGI SEZ>> did I say that out loud? :>

<@Ravena_> and it's one of the reasons that there can't be any unity

<@Ravena_> one of the many reasons

<@Sangi_working> freakin' hell

<@Sangi_working> I don't know why everybody can't just agree to disagree or agree that there's differences

<@Sangi_working> we're all on a sort of a spectrum

<@Ravena_> I think we scared deacongray

<@Ravena_> ;)

<@Sangi_working> on one end is the sangs; on the other end is the psis; in the middle is the "hybrids"; and on the sang side there's the sang-psy combos; and on the psi side there's the psi-sang combos

<@Sangi_working> but we're ALL VAMPIRES

<deacongray> no, just listening

<deacongray> see I could have the same debate about Sexual

<@Sangi_working> the sangs are no more or less evolved than the psis or hybrids or anyone else

<deacongray> some can do both, and say they are very different

<@Sangi_working> they are not different

<deacongray> well the very term vampire

<@Sangi_working> just different in their feeding methods

<deacongray> means to drink blood

<@Sangi_working> is a meat eater different than a vegan? No, just the types of food they eat

-> Ops #Sanguinarius: <<SANGI SEZ>> I might snag this conversation and put it on my website.......

<deacongray> well...

<deacongray> strictly speaking

-> Ops #Sanguinarius: <<SANGI SEZ>> with typos corrected

<@Sangi_working> well?

-Sphynx-NotHere:@#sanguinarius- (opnotice) actually, I think *deacon* is starting the "war" this time... he started the topic

-Sphynx-NotHere:@#sanguinarius- (opnotice) and he KNOWS how volatile it is!

-> Ops #Sanguinarius: <<SANGI SEZ>> *nods*

<@Ravena_> the vampires can duke it out

<@Sangi_working> are you discussing this to discuss it or in hopes of coming to some sort of a resolution in the matter?

<deacongray> well I am thinking that there is a difference

<@Sangi_working> or an agreement?

<deacongray> and yet I find myself wondering what it might be

<deacongray> and you are known for a good intellect so it made sense to me to ask you about it

<@Ravena_> a difference between sexual vampires and regular psi vampires?

<@Sangi_working> there may be slight physiological differences which are the cause of the vampires' different feeding methods (needs), but they're all vampires

<@Ravena_> the difference may be minute

<deacongray> nods

* @Sangi_working nods

<@Ravena_> but I daresay that I'm sure there are those who want it to be different

<@Ravena_> because then they would be special

<@Ravena_> more special than the average vampire

<deacongray> well there is an elitist movement to deny the others their reality

<@Ravena_> quite a few elitist sorts around

<@Sangi_working> and as for sexual vampires, my main worry is that it gives people (vampires or not) who are perverts an "in" into the vampire community to look for their prey under the auspices of being a "sexually feeding vampire"

<@Ravena_> Someone even advised me that because he was a vampire, he was superior in intellect to me, a non vamp

<@Sangi_working> "Oh, I must touch your breasts to feed"

<@Sangi_working> "Oh, I must have sex to feed"

<deacongray> I like the touching part

<@Sangi_working> "let me feed from you, little girl..."

<deacongray> or big girl

<@Ravena_> if a vamp told me he needed to touch my breasts to feed I'd snap him in half

<deacongray> just girls in general

<@Sangi_working> or big girl

<@Sangi_working> or boy. Or man

-Sphynx-NotHere:@#sanguinarius- (opnotice) *snerkle*

<fallen02> hold on, whats wrong with elitism?

* @Sangi_working bonks fallen02 over the head with a roll of batting

<@Sangi_working> lol

<Bloodstar> o_o

<@Ravena_> most people whom I come across in the community online with the elitist attitudes were fools full of stupid importance

<@Ravena_> one thing wrong with it is they don't have the elite to back it up, lol

<@Sangi_working> there are plenty of people out there who are vulnerable to being donors or prey to vampires, and someone claiming to be a sexual vampire has an open door to exploit that

<fallen02> ya, lol

<@Ravena_> anyone claiming to be a vampire can exploit that

<@Sangi_working> and if you try to stop them, they will cry foul once you let them in

<@Ravena_> some find vampirism fascinating enough to be seduced by it

<@Sangi_working> yeah, exactly

<@Sangi_working> an open door for the perverts to pour in through

<@Ravena_> oh, I'm quite sure there are pervs around operating under the guise of a vampire

<@Ravena_> just as there are plenty of predators around

<@Sangi_working> better than the Catholic Priesthood

<deacongray> well, of course

<deacongray> but they are everywhere

<@Sangi_working> well, "suxual vampires" just gives them a blank check to troll for their victims/prey/marks

<@Ravena_> When I first came to the community I was approached by more than one wiser-than-thou vampire wanting to take me under his wing

<neardarkness> later guys

<neardarkness> :)

* neardarkness Quit (Quit: Leaving)

<@Ravena_> which would have been fine had he not expected me to be naked under that wing

<@Ravena_> lol

* @Sangi_working nods

<deacongray> there is always that temptation

<@Sangi_working> that bat-winged demon's wing... :>

<@Ravena_> luckily I'm strong willed enough to see through such things

<@Ravena_> but many aren't

<fallen02> no, i ain't tempted, lol

<@Ravena_> and that is maybe why I'm still around in the community despite its large list of faults

<@Sangi_working> Good that you were, but some are not

<@Sangi_working> and they will get hurt

<@Ravena_> because others need to be told that is not how it should be

<@Sangi_working> I don't want to see or hear of that happening.

* @Violenta tears up her "under her wing" speech

<@Violenta> dammit

<@Sangi_working> if we close the gates, a few will slip in but if we open the gates we'll have bunches coming in

<@Ravena_> the submissive/passive sorts are more at risk than women like me

<@Ravena_> mwuahahaha

<@Sangi_working> if someone IS a sexual vampire -- and that's a big IF -- then they are very rare, indeed

<@Ravena_> vio ;)

<@Violenta> I had a really good gig going

<deacongray> you will always have tons coming in

<deacongray> how would you know?

<@Violenta> now I need a new gimmick

<deacongray> even if you tried it would just turn us into the same eltists

<@Sangi_working> compared to the number claiming to be so

<@Ravena_> Vio wanted to take me under her wing and do bad things ;)

<@Violenta> guilty

<@Ravena_> lol

<@Violenta> I wanted you nekkid under there

<@Sangi_working> girls, girls...

<@Ravena_> Sangi blushes even faster than me

<@Sangi_working> :P *giggle*

<@Violenta> that's so cute

<@Ravena_> but yeah, there are tons of predators around

<deacongray> well...

<deacongray> who wouldn't?

<@Violenta> I have another wing, sangi ;)

<@Ravena_> and that is why you see me yelling at people in here often

<@Sangi_working> do I gotta take off my clothes? *Sangi whines*

<deacongray> nope

<deacongray> I am sure others would do it for you

<@Sangi_working> I'll bet they would

<@Ravena_> that's another thing you have to be a bit careful about

<@Sangi_working> what?

<@Ravena_> people's intentions

<@Violenta> absolutely

<@Sangi_working> that's what I've been talking about

<@Ravena_> before I came here I met a lovely Dom/sub couple and he was a vamp.. and they are fabulous friends

<@Ravena_> then they revealed they wanted me as a third and it sort of put a damper on things

<@Sangi_working> ehhh

<@Ravena_> they were and are great people, just made me feel a tad weird

<@Violenta> Vampire community is a reflection of the larger community, but its shadowy predilections inspire unsavory types to take advantage of the trusting

<@Ravena_> but you know there are those who aren't great people doing just that

<@Sangi_working> if that can be prevented, it should be prevented

<@Ravena_> and that is why I'm such a meanie in here ;)

<@Sangi_working> ok, lol

<@Sangi_working> you're being cruel to be kind

<@Ravena_> I try to protect the impressionable people from the predatory people

<@Violenta> she's a great advocate

<@Violenta> she really is

<deacongray> but do not many of us seek the darker aspects of things anyway?

<@Ravena_> oh, I love the dark

<@Sangi_working> dark doesn't have to be evil

* Sphynx-NotHere is now known as SphynxCatVP

<@Violenta> dark does not equal preditory necessarily

<deacongray> and yet, no naughty pictures for me

<@Sangi_working> and evil is not necessarily "dark"

<@Ravena_> but my dark doesn't not include victimizing people

<@Ravena_> er, doesn't

<@Violenta> it simply equals naked under my wings

<@Sangi_working> oh, shush...

<@Sangi_working> lol

<@Ravena_> lol

<deacongray> I'll take that

<@Violenta> ha! you slipped us a double negative, Ravena

<@Ravena_> yeah, I'll blame the cold meds

<@Violenta> now I know your true intent...hahahaha

<@Ravena_> :(

<@Sangi_working> :P

<@Ravena_> my true intent is to gather up a bunch of vampiric servants to do my bidding!

<@Sangi_working> minions!

<@Ravena_> yes

<@Sangi_working> hapless minions!

<@Ravena_> which includes like..dishes..and laundry ;)

<deacongray> mmm

<@Sangi_working> millions of minions!

<deacongray> you have them

<@Sangi_working> millions of minions peeling onions!

<Bloodstar> Oh no D:

<deacongray> well...

<@Sangi_working> then they form a union

<@Ravena_> lol I have a few fans.. but.. they thus far won't do my dishes :(

<@Sangi_working> a union of millions of minions peeling onions!

<@Violenta> minion union?

* @Sangi_working slaps herself

<@Violenta> I love it

<@Ravena_> well, one did but then it got creepy

<deacongray> chuckles

<@Sangi_working> a minion onion union

<deacongray> minions are always creepy

<deacongray> look at Egor

<@Violenta> I-gor

<deacongray> and what's-his-name...Dracula's lunatic

<deacongray> Renfield

<@Ravena_> if someone will drive a 1000 miles for me to do my housework and get nothing else from it.. then I deem it creepy

<@Sangi_working> the minions of the bad guys in the James Bond films were just employees

<@Ravena_> the only place I have a minion is in WoW

<deacongray> well guys thank you for the conversation

<@Sangi_working> it's been an interesting one

<deacongray> normally I would leave because people were getting peeved

<deacongray> so this is a nice change

<deacongray> good evening and thanks again

<@Sangi_working> you leaving us?

* @Sangi_working bawls

<@SphynxCatVP> deacongray, do you always try and piss people off? :)

<deacongray> chuckles

<@Sangi_working> lol


<deacongray> do I do it a lot...yes

<@Sangi_working> nah, I think he just has a knack for it

<@Ravena_> maybe he likes the challenge of trying to weasel out of someone beating him over the head with a cast iron frying pan

<@Violenta> way short

<deacongray> maybe I like that sorta thing

<@Sangi_working> maybe he likes to make people think

<@Violenta> god, I love cast iron

<deacongray> winks

<@Sangi_working> or at least examine their positions

<@Ravena_> Vio will add cast iron to her dungeon now, you wait

<deacongray> that is a very hard task, Sangi

<@Sangi_working> yeah, tell me about it...

<deacongray> I will work on that article you asked me to write

<@Sangi_working> thank you

<@Ravena_> how dare you make my cold-addled brain think..

<deacongray> it has been some time since I wrote

<@Violenta> we can't have dungeons here *bottom lip pout*

<@Sangi_working> hey wait

<@Ravena_> I should be writing, too

<deacongray> good night again all....yes?

<@Sangi_working> if you get your email to me bounce back, send it again. my server's down. it might be back up by now, though

<fallen02> good night

<deacongray> ok

<@Sangi_working> no, still down

<@Sangi_working> I sent a support ticket...

<deacongray> see ya later good people of Mirc Sanguinarius

<@Sangi_working> be well, deacongray

* deacongray has left #Sanguinarius

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