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A Theory on Magick

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by Anonymous

Below is my theory on magick, religion and what we need to do to survive and become one, to become enlightened. If you wish to read it, please understand these are my views. I wrote this based upon dreams that called forth to me which told me to seek a knowledge; which, when I did, caused me to become suddenly so truly overwhelmed with this realization below, I became overcome with intense headaches that would only be subsided when this was written. Hopefully, you will find what I wrote interesting, and, most of all, thought-provoking. Sit back and keep an open mind, and remember this took me just 15 minutes to write. I welcome your thoughts and comments on this:


[Name withheld]

An immense mass of Energy is gathered at what is the center of the Universe; It realizes It exists (this is the astral level)...becomes a sentient Being. By Christian standards It is known as God. It decides to be more, and It explodes Itself outward into the void...the Big Bang occurs, the Universe is born, the stars are born, the planets are born. What takes billions of years is but moments to this Energy, this Being.

It wants to create more, as It has grown; It creates life -- simple life by Its thoughts on astral level, Its energy is transformed to reality on the physical level. The energy flows from the astral to the physical. On all places It chooses, It creates simple forms, bacteria, and cells. Life is evolved, until a sentient thinking being exists: man/animals/aliens exist. It creates them in It's image, the image It has desired for Itself, as It has no body. These humans/aliens/animals have the energy within them. -- That is what makes them different from the early life forms. The energy now exists on the physical level. It gives them what It is: a realization of self; a soul. As each human is born, a piece of It is taken away. Thus, in many religions the coming of the apocalypse is the birth of the child with no soul, for when that time comes, there is no more Sentience or God...Thus, being no more of anything; the Being will have exhausted It's life on Its creation.

This can never occur, because when you die you are returned to the Mass and reused again to create the "spark" of life in another, thus reincarnation is a stark reality of It's survival. When this Being grows weak, It evolves a disease to take the life and bring forth back more energy unto Itself, in order to prevent It's death. In essence, It needs us; we need It.

When It created us, It created sentient thinking being in each person, -- each soul an individual, but part of the whole. When people have NDEs (Near Death Experiences) seeing the light, they are being pulled back into this great pool of energy, where they will remain as part of the collective consciousness until they are needed for another soul. The illusion of Heaven is that when you reach this level, -- the light, -- you are at peace; you are everywhere, everything, yet you are you, and you are are one with "God". You in essence create Heaven or Hell of your own accord, as you are at the thought (astral) level, and anything is possible.

There are those throughout the ages, who have tapped into this energy and those who have kept silent; those who used it for divine purposes. Jesus is an example of this: the miracles he created were not of divine origin, they are use of the energy we all have within us. We use but 10% of our mental capacity; Jesus used all of his, thus he could direct the energy from him and the universe at will. He could heal; he could walk on water if he so chose, etc. He realized this, and used it for the good of man. He is an example of an expert of Magick. The use of the energy, the Art.

Siddhartha Gautama, the Buddha, came so very close to finding the truth as he meditated under the Bo tree. A few of the basic fundamentals of Buddhism are: all suffering is caused by ignorance of the nature of reality, and the craving, attachment, and grasping which results from such ignorance; suffering can be ended by overcoming ignorance and attachment. I believe the suffering is caused by our ignorance on how to control reality; we have the capability to do things beyond the realm of science and understanding, if only we can understand ourselves, and the power that lies within our grasp. Buddha is known as the Enlightened One. He, like Jesus, tapped into and realized the potential powers of the soul and the cosmos. He preached his beliefs and another world religion was born. His goal was to Enlighten the human race, which if done would bring eternal peace/bliss to the people of the planet. He, like Jesus, also failed in his mission as he started; as he, too, failed to realize that other religions would conflict, and the rich would always maintain strict social standings.

There are others who have existed, religions were spread by them; but each held their individuality and personal beliefs of what they had found, thus accounting for each of the differences yet similarities of all religions. -- But never forget: they were not messengers of a Supreme Being, they were merely practitioners of the Art. There are those like Dion Fortune, Aleister Crowley, Levi, and others, who used the Art for their own purposes. Those such as Jesus and Buddha did so for the good of the many.

My belief is that we can manipulate "reality" on the physical level, with the proper utilization of the energy on the astral, and pushing down upon the physical plane. Moses parted the Red Sea, because he willed it to be so; by using the energy available to him, and the thousand with him, he pulled energy from the cosmos. He, with the intense will of those thousands around him, trying to escape sure death, pulled this energy forward and parted the sea themselves. The old saying mind over matter has real, literal meaning, this was not a metaphor, -- it happened. It is an example of the power of a group utilizing the energy at once for the good of the whole. A focused manifestation of will on the astral level, becomes reality on the physical level. They willed the sea to part and it did. It was not by the power of God, it was the channeling of energy through all of them to manifest the parting of the sea.

One master of the energy can do a lot, as Jesus, Buddha and others have, and many can accomplish the seemingly impossible, such as parting a sea.

There are very few Masters of Magick left in the world today, as the world has accepted it as ludicrous and unscientific, thus miracles are few. But they do occur. There are those who can move things with thought, telepathy, psychics, astral travelers, remote viewers, and especially, pyrokinesis. These are called the exception and not the norm, but they are wielders of what people refer to as magick, the great Art.

Rituals, spells, incantations -- they are channels to access the energy, channels dug through millennia of use; the energy flows easiest there. But the energy can still be obtained anywhere, anytime, -- by the one with the will to make it be so. No incantations were given at the Red Sea, yet the sea parted. Why? The true and pure, undying will, the sheer force of will of so many thousands in order to survive parted it.

We are all separate yet one Being; we are the many but are of the One. Thus telepathy, remote viewing is possible; if it can be seen by another, it can be seen by you. People who are foretelling the future are not creating miracles, they see by channeling energy. -- Time is not relevant to the energy; it can go forward, or in reverse; energy is the only constant. Time is an illusion just as the reality we created here on the physical plane. Hasn't anyone asked themselves why technology and life have advanced more in the past 100 years than the past 2,000? We are using our imagination, creating on the astral, and making it reality on the physical. Inventors are masters of this, masters of the Art.

While countries and people spend their entire lives amassing fortunes or just working day to day jobs, the planet is dying; our race, and way of life is dying. -- Our obsession with this reality that we have created for ourselves is killing our species. If you don't believe that, look back just 100 years ago. We had roughly 1 billion people on this planet. We now have approximately 6 billion! So in 3,000 years the population only grew a simple 1 billion, and in a single century 1900-2000 we have more than quadrupled that. Does no one find something wrong with this? Do people not foresee that we are causing our own extinction? At the current rate of growth if maintained we will have 12 billion people in the year 2100! -- The planet can not sustain this. Millions are dying now without food; can you imagine the strain on the planet with double or triple the population we have now? We must go to the ancient ways, to evolve our species to the next level, leaving the physical behind, becoming energy as we were in the beginning. Only we can bring forth the paradise upon this planet. -- Waiting for some thing to just occur from "God" is committing suicide. If this reality is but an illusion, why do we not change it? Why do we not tap into our souls, draw forth energy on a global scale and create paradise? People ask "how?, how can this be accomplished?" By learning the ancient arts: the control and manipulation of energy.

First you must understand the basic premise: the astral created the physical. Before you existed, before anything existed, it was created there on the astral level. Before a computer was created, a person first imagined it, developed it in his mind, and then drew up the plans and created it. That is a modern application, but look at biblical applications... Jesus said he could walk on water, or heal; he knew it and that it was real. If you can channel the energy properly, what you call miracles are day-to-day activities. If you can walk upon water, why can you not fly? If you rise forth from the dead, why would you die? If you could not die, why eat?, why breathe?, why work? You wouldn't need such things. Your body is a but a vessel for the soul, karma or energy that keeps you alive. Why restrict yourself to such limitations? Your whole life can be of the pursuits that you want: exploring the jungles, walking on the bottom of the ocean, and exploring space... Money would be nothing, if you can create your own reality. What we must do is tap into that energy that Jesus, and the others have. There would be no social stricture, no murder, and no racism, but rather eternal peace.

Now I know people are saying that Jesus is the son of "God" and so therefore he can do that; but we are just normal people. That very thought is why we have not reached our potential. If you believe that you are limited, you will be. Believe that you can accomplish the impossible with all your being and soul -- and you will. If you wish to be technical, we are all created of the same energy as "God", thus we all are sons/daughters of "God", and if He is of us and we are of Him, -- being that we are all pieces of the Energy, the collective Energy, the collective consciousness as Carl Jung theorized, -- then do we not wield the same power as "God"? Jesus thought so, and he sure did prove it! His power, the Power, the power that Moses wielded that parted the Red Sea -- it is still there, ripe for the taking because it is ours. But we don't use it, either because we have forgotten how or we need to be taught.

For one moment, just think if the entire planet wielded what was done on the day that the Red Sea parted, if all came together with one soul-desire, with one mind, with one thought, one create peace, heaven on earth, it would be manifested on the astral plane and become reality on the physical plane. The energy wielded by billions would be immense and could change the planet at the global level! Jesus, and other religious leaders hoped that this would be the case. They created the fear of Hell, the apocalypse, in hopes that this would stir men to a common goal: the betterment of mankind. That every human being would each hope for the common good. But that has not happened, rifts ingrained in society are here; the poor separated from the rich, Catholics from Muslims, Jews from Hindus; no one is united. There is no common goal for the planet; thus, there is no heaven on earth, no paradise, no peace, and no end to hunger or war.

Knowing this means nothing. Accomplishing it, proving it, is the key to the evolution and survival of our species.

I fear that my realization of this will do nothing, as thousands of years of religions have been bred into these people. If we united as they have before we can create this peace on earth, create heaven. We can be one, to create bliss, then be will realize then and only then that money, power, land are nothing...that we are all equal, and all one. And then we shall have bliss.

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